Analysts say the Chinese Communist Party will continue to run amok after Xi Jinping’s third term

Beijing [China]Sept 3 (ANI): China’s President Xi Jinping’s greater power at the 20th National Congress will not help the future collapse of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), analysts say. Mr. Xi Jinping, who believes he will continue to run out of control, is on the verge of collapse, even after securing a third term, because he basically does not bring much change to the party.

The Communist Party of China is poised to move from a “one-party system” to a “one-person system” as Xi Jinping enters his third term at the 20th Party Congress in Beijing on October 16. Extends his hold in power for another five years.

The Communist Party of China holds an important meeting every five years, during which it reviews government and party activities and approves plans for the next five years. Xi Jinping breaks the current “custom” within the party that top leadership officials rotate every ten years.

Despite murmurs within the party about breaking two congresses, the plenary session in 2021 passed a landmark resolution, cementing Xi Jinping’s “central” position in the political history of the Chinese Communist Party. , his tenure was extended to a record third term, and a lifetime in power paves the way, the Singapore Post reported.

China’s constitution was amended by the National People’s Congress in 2018, and the country’s parliament lifted the limit of two presidential terms. Xi Jinping has also declared himself the party’s central leader, officially ending the peer-to-peer collective leadership model among the party’s seven standing committee members.

Xi’s third term in office means a firm grip on the party and the state, and he will be on the lookout for the G20 summit and Asia-Pacific summit in Indonesia on November 15-16 after the 20th Party Congress. I plan to attend important international summits such as the Economic Cooperation (APEC). Summit in Thailand the next day.

Critics say the one-party system has gone one man under Xi. Under his leadership, Beijing has consolidated its grip on Hong Kong, downplayed “one country, two systems” and escalated regional tensions with Taiwan. Beijing claims Taiwan is part of China, but the Chinese Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan for a single day in its history, the Singapore Post reported.

In mainland China, under the rule of the Communist Party of China, just as before many Chinese dynasties in history collapsed, showing failure, the extent to which Chinese people are forbidden to speak is incredible.

Economically, Xi Jinping’s first term in office was plagued by the problems of massive debt relief, demographic dividends, industrial overcapacity, and eradication of extreme poverty.

His second term has been dominated by dealing with the US trade war and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, pushing relations between the world’s two largest economies to a low point. is.

President Xi Jinping has advocated a zero-coronavirus policy and has seen cities across China impose draconian lockdowns to eradicate the epidemic.

Its often ruthless and chaotic enforcement, seen during the two-month-long lockdown in Shanghai’s financial hub, has sparked waves of public outcry, with many reeling from endless restrictions on daily life. I am getting more and more frustrated.

The zero-tolerance approach has also undermined the economic growth that has long underpinned the party’s legitimacy. Youth unemployment soared to a record high of 20%, while rural banking scandals and a burgeoning real estate crisis sparked protests.

Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping now says his post-20s efforts to reduce rising inequality at home, give state-owned enterprises a more prominent role, and weaken the role of the private sector to achieve shared prosperity. announced that it would focus on The outside world is skeptical of the propaganda, reports the Singapore Post.

Some speculate that President Xi may seize power at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China, but the current predicament the Communist Party of China is facing is structural, and the situation is relatively complicated both at home and abroad. there is (Ani) Analysts say the Chinese Communist Party will continue to run amok after Xi Jinping’s third term

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