Anastasiades to the EU: Cypriot gas awaits

Cyprus President Nikos Anastassiades has called on Brussels to encourage companies to act quickly and include the island in plans to supply Europe with natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean.

Anastasiades, who visited Berlin last week, said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt that Cyprus could deliver natural gas to the EU much faster “with help from Brussels”.

He said Nicosia could move more quickly if there was something comparable to the memorandum of understanding signed over the summer between the EU, Israel and Egypt.

Anastassiades said he believed the EU could do more by leveraging contracts with Brussels and Tel Aviv to overcome delays in Cyprus. “Another or similar mechanism could allow companies to establish the necessary supply arrangements more quickly,” the president said.

In June, Cyprus, a member of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF), was expelled from a cooperation agreement between the EU, Israel and Egypt aimed at facilitating deliveries of regional gas to blocs amid sanctions against Russia. it was done.

Earlier this month, Chevron confirmed that it was back on its promise to drill an evaluation well off Cyprus before the end of the year. The original plan, which was revealed through a Bloomberg interview, was criticized by Israel over the summer.

But Anastasiades continued to accuse Turkey of being a “major obstacle” for Cyprus to become a natural gas supplier, saying Turkey was carrying out “aggressive actions” and seeking help in resolving the Cyprus issue. He said he was calling on Germany and the EU. “Turkey does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, violates international maritime law, and conducts illegal exploration drilling off its coast,” Anastassiades said.

Last month, Energy Minister Natatha Pyrides switched gears at an EMGF conference on the island, listening to European demands for short- and medium-term targets for Cyprus, essentially putting long-term plans for the EastMed pipeline on the back burner. did.

As gas-hungry Europe faces a cold winter this year, it remains to be seen whether Cyprus will be able to resolve its technical and political problems quickly enough in the near future. However, Anastasiades said, “Delivery could be faster,” and called on Brock to help the island’s resources more quickly. Anastasiades to the EU: Cypriot gas awaits

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