Ancient Skeletons Threatened by Mexico Rail Project

Human skeletons in cave systems that were flooded thousands of years ago are in an area where the Mexican government plans to build a high-speed tourist train through the jungle, cave-diving archaeologists said.

Archaeologist Octavio del Rio says he and fellow diver Peter Brogger saw shattered skulls and partially sediment-covered skeletons in a cave on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. rice field.

Given the distance from the cave’s entrance, the skeletons could not have reached it without modern diving equipment, so it must be over 8,000 years old, Del Rio said, adding that rising sea levels may have pushed the cave into the cave. I mentioned the times when it was said to have been flooded.

“There it is. We don’t know if the body was placed there or where this person died,” Del Rio said.

He said the skeleton was at a depth of about 8 meters underwater and about 500 meters in the cave system.

Some of the oldest human remains in North America have been found in sinkhole caves known as cenotes on the country’s Caribbean coast, and experts say some of these caves were part of the Mexican government’s Maya Train tourism project. said to be threatened by

Del Rio, who has worked with Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History on the project, said he informed the institute of the discovery.

The institute did not immediately respond to questions about whether it intended to investigate the site.

But Del Rio said the institute’s archaeologist, Carmen Rojas, told him the site was registered and would be explored by the Holocene Archaeological Project of the institute’s Quintana Roo branch. rice field.

The cave, whose location was not disclosed due to fears of looting and sabotage, is near where the government cleared a strip of jungle to lay a railroad track and could collapse, become polluted or be closed. he said he had a sexuality. By building projects and subsequent developments.

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