Angelo Fargia Washes Hands About Whether PAC Should Summon Angelo Gafa in Electro Gas Trading

Speaker Angelo Falgia puts the issue in the hands of the Commission, as the Public Accounting Commission (PAC) summons police commissioner Angelo Gafa to testify about the deal at the electrogas power plant. I entrusted it. one time.

Last week, PAC Kuomintang lawmakers demanded a decision on this issue after government lawmakers did not agree to summon Gafa in connection with the Commission’s transaction investigation.

Farrugia’s ruling stated that the final decision on whether someone should testify before the Commission should be in the hands of the Commission. “If the committee does not reach an agreement, a majority vote must be taken.”

After the National Audit Office (NAO) discovered weaknesses in the bidding and due diligence process of transactions, PAC was prompted to investigate Electrogas transactions.

Labor lawmakers argued that summoning Gafa would be a useless movement, as NAO did not find any illegality in their reports. In response, Audit & Supervisory Board Member Charles Deguara revealed that NAO is not an investigative body and has no authority to reveal certain illegal activities.

Therefore, the PN MP will allow Gafa before the PAC to confirm whether the issue is being investigated by the police, as all NAO reports will be passed immediately to the police secretary to assess whether an investigation is necessary. I requested to come.

Labor lawmaker Andy Ellul told Congress that “investigating police investigations” was not within the authority of the PAC.

However, through the last PAC meeting, all members agreed to summon former Enemalta board members, including former Minister Edward Scicluna and Electrogas Director Ray Fennec.

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