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Another “spy” confesses a link to the far right group

The Council on American-Islamic Relations identified a “second mole” a week after dismissing senior members for leaking confidential information to anti-Islamic hatred groups.

CAIR urged those who supported anti-Islamic hatred groups to step forward, confess, and cooperate in the investigation. (AFP)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest civil rights and advocacy group for Islam in the United States, is the second paid to work for the infamous anti-Islamic organization, the Terrorism Investigation Project (IPT). He said he had identified a “spy.” ..

The IPT “spies” voluntarily stepped forward, confessed, and agreed to work with us, “CAIR said Tuesday, although he was not part of a Muslim advocacy group, but” national. He was an active volunteer at a large mosque invited to. ” Community meetings and events. “

“Individuals have informed us that Steven Emerson paid him $ 3,000 a month to record a prominent Islamic leader. It’s over $ 100,000 in four years,” CAIR said. Said By tweet.

Emerson, the infamous Islamophobia and founder of the IPT, has not commented on CAIR’s new claims.

Last week, CAIR fired the head of the Ohio branch after claiming to share sensitive information with the IPT.

Rights groups did not disclose the name of the “second mole,” saying it was still under investigation, while warning the Islamic leaders and organizations targeted by the “IPT spy.”

CAIR encourages hired insiders to confess

CAIR said the spy went to the mosque leader “before confronting, confessing, seeking forgiveness, and agreeing to cooperate.”

“This is what the person who helped the IPT and other hate groups should do. Go ahead now. Don’t wait to be exposed. Do the right thing,” the group urged. rice field.

CAIR said the IPT “was in contact with the then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and Israeli intelligence to provide assistance,” according to evidence collected last year.

“One of Emerson’s goals is said to be to protect the Israeli government by undermining Muslims engaged in political and human rights activities.”

Emerson, the founder of IPT, has “a history of promoting forged information and conspiracy theories about Islam and Muslims,” ​​according to a Georgetown University research project on Islamophobia.

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Iqbal-Emerson Email Exchange Released

Last week, CAIR unveiled its first spy, Ohio Director Romin Iqbal.

We hired an outside forensic expert to investigate evidence that the IPT tried to use “moles” to invade Muslim American organizations such as CAIR.

Specialists reported to CAIR that Iqbal had shared information about “secretly recorded conversations, strategic plans, private emails, etc.” with IPT.

On Tuesday, CAIR released some of the email exchanges between Iqbal and Emerson, promising to “unravel this plan.”

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