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Anti-Beijing activist convicted of inciting unlawful session in Hong Kong

Chow Hang Tung, a former leader of the now-dissolving Hong Kong Alliance, is hosting the city’s annual large-scale candlelight vigil to commemorate those who died in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident in China. rice field.

Chow was arrested the day before the anniversary of the crackdown on June 4th last year. (Reuters)

A Hong Kong court found a 36-year-old barrister on charges of inciting an unauthorized rally for annual vigilance to commemorate those who died in China’s 1989 Tiananmen crackdown.

“The law never allows anyone to exercise their freedom by illegal means,” security judge Amy Chan ruled on Tuesday.

Hong Kong alliance activist Chow Hang Tung, who was closed to support China’s patriotic democratic movement, was arrested the day before the June 4th anniversary of last year’s crackdown.

In making her decision, Magistrates’ Court Judge Amy Chan of West Kowloon said that Congress caused “public health risks.” The sentencing is scheduled for the second half of Tuesday.

Police have banned vigilance in the last two years because of coronavirus restrictions.

However, after a major anti-democratic movement in 2019, many activists saw the ban as an attempt to stop displaying rebellion against Beijing. Authorities denied that was the reason.

Despite the ban, thousands of people lit candles in the city in 2020, and a smaller crowd did the same in 2021.

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Crackdown on opposition

Chow, who represents himself, pleaded not guilty, saying, “I want to instigate others so that I don’t forget June 4th,” in order not to encourage the rally.

Last month, eight democratic activists were sentenced to up to 14 months in prison for their role in the 2020 alert. In it, Chow was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

The other 16 activists have already been sentenced to 4-10 months in connection with the 2020 alert. Two democratic activists, Nathan Law and Sunny Chan, who are facing similar accusations, have fled Hong Kong.

Chow also faces the crime of instigating capsizing under the radical security law imposed by Beijing in 2020.

The alliance broke up in the investigation, police accused the alliance of being “foreign military agents,” and the group denied it.

The former British colony, which returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with a promise of widespread freedom, has traditionally been on the world’s largest alert on June 4.

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However, commemoration is becoming more and more difficult. Last month, the top international universities in the world’s financial hubs removed Tiananmen monuments such as the University of Hong Kong’s “Pillar of Shame” and the University of China’s “Goddess of Democracy.”

The museum on June 4 was closed after being attacked by police during an alliance investigation, and its online version is not accessible in Hong Kong.

China has never provided a complete explanation of the 1989 crackdown. The death toll given by authorities a few days later was about 300, most of them soldiers, but rights groups and witnesses say thousands could have been killed.

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