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“Anti-national”, not defined by law, insert in an emergency: Government

New Delhi: The term “anti-national” was not defined in the legislation or the Constitution, but was inserted in an emergency by a constitutional amendment by the then-parliamentary government in 1976, but was omitted next year and the parliament will be on Tuesday. I was told.

The word “anti-national” was not mentioned in the law, but criminal law and various judicial declarations to rigorously deal with illegal and destructive activities that are detrimental to national unity and integrity. I have. Rai told Lok Sabha in a written answer to a question by AIMIM member Asaduddin Owaisi.

The term “anti-national activity” was inserted into the Constitution as Article 31D by the 1976 Amendment to Article 42 to define “anti-national activity”.

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Owaisi relates to whether the government defines the meaning of “anti-national” under the laws and regulations in force in the country, or other legislation, and whether the Supreme Court is “anti-national”. I asked if they had guidelines for dealing with crime. “National” activities.

Lai also stated that the 1977 amendment to Article 43 removed Article 31D from the Constitution.

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