Apple, Google and Microsoft agree to support “passwordless” sign-in

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working together to support a new type of online sign-in that can replace passwords and is designed to make the Web more “safe and easy to use for everyone.” Announced.

The tech giant has agreed to support the new common passwordless sign-in standard created by industry groups Fido Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium.

With the introduction of new standards, people will be able to sign in to websites and apps in the same way they unlock devices. Use your fingerprint or face scan to verify yourself or enter your device’s PIN.

This system allows users to access and use new passwordless sign-in credentials (called passkeys) across different devices without having to sign in to all accounts again on each device. ..

The tech giant said the new system will allow smartphones to use fingerprint or face scan authentication as a way to sign in to another device nearby, regardless of the operating system or browser they are running. ..

This reduces the need to remember different combinations of usernames and passwords to log in to different services, and passwords are often reused by multiple accounts. According to experts, the digital world.

Apple, Google and Microsoft said they hope to make these features available across the platform by the end of next year.

“‘Simpler and stronger authentication’ is not only a tagline for the Fido Alliance, but also a guide for specification and deployment guidelines,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director of the Fido Alliance.

“Ubiquitousness and ease of use are important for the large-scale adoption of multi-factor authentication. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have achieved this goal by supporting this user-friendly innovation in their platforms and products. I commend you for supporting the realization.

“This new feature heralds a new wave of low-friction Fido implementations, along with the continued and increasing use of security keys, and provides service providers with a wide range of options for deploying the latest anti-phishing certifications. To do.”

The announcement was made on World Password Day, when cybersecurity experts called on the public and businesses to “permanently remove passwords” to better protect their personal data.

Grahame Williams, ID and access control director at defense company Thales, said passwords are “more and less secure” and “easily hacked,” and the industry is moving to new technologies to enhance security. He added that it was necessary. Apple, Google and Microsoft agree to support “passwordless” sign-in

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