Apply for a new rent subsidy program that opens on July 1st

Taipei, June 30 (CNA) Application for a new government rent subsidy program for Taiwanese citizens began on Friday, with a maximum of NT $ 11,200 (US $ 376.62) Means test monthly subsidy starting October 3. It will be distributed to successful applicants.

Prime Minister Su Sadamasa said at a cabinet press conference on Thursday that the program, first announced in March, will begin accepting online applications for the 2022 fiscal year from Friday to August 31st, with successful applicants October 3rd. First month grants wired to their bank account.

Sue has introduced a new scheme, thanks to significantly relaxed eligibility standards and increased subsidies for young singles, newlyweds, families with young children, and families at social and financial disadvantages. I explained it as an “important” policy to achieve “housing justice”.

Under a new scheme to replace the existing rent subsidy program, the program has been expanded to receive subsidies from the current 120,000 to 500,000, and Sue is changing the country’s economic growth and increasing government revenues. It states that it was prompted by.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the government will allocate NT $ 30 billion annually to the new program from 2022 to 2025.

Hua Ching-chun, Deputy Interior Minister (Hanakei group), said at a press conference that under the existing rent subsidy system, people who can earn less than 2.5 times the minimum monthly living expenses set by the government will be in their city or residential county. If you can prove that you are paying the rent and your family does not own your own home, you are entitled to a rent subsidy.

Under the current system, households typically receive a monthly subsidy of NT $ 2,000 to NT $ 8,000, depending on their income, city or county in which they live, and the number of family members.

Hua said the new system will accept applicants with incomes less than three times the minimum monthly average living expenses in their city or county.

Taking Taipei and New Taipei as an example, Hua said people with monthly incomes of NT $ 56,046 and NT $ 47,400 or less are eligible to apply for subsidies.

On the other hand, under the new system, single successful applicants under the age of 35 will receive 1.2 times the original monthly rent subsidy, and newly-married couples will receive 1.3 times the subsidy in the two years after marriage.

Successful applicants for a family with one young child will receive 1.4 times the original monthly rent subsidy, 1.6 times for a family with two young children, 1.8 times for three, and then one child. It will increase 0.2 times as the number of people increases.

Low- and middle-income households receive 1.4 times the original monthly rent subsidy, and disadvantaged groups, including disabled people and indigenous peoples, receive 1.2 times the rent subsidy.

Fahrenheit said that those who were eligible for existing rent subsidies would be automatically eligible for the new subsidy program when they received an online notification from the government and clicked “Confirm”.

In addition, the central government will work with local government officials to visit approximately 211,000 economically disadvantaged families across Taiwan, but apply for rent subsidies to help them submit their applications. increase. Apply for a new rent subsidy program that opens on July 1st

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