Approaching Lysychansik.Ukraine’s position in the Luhansk region under increasing pressure as Russian troops gradually advance

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A house destroyed by bombardment in Lysychans’k. June 2022.

The situation in the Luhansk region of Ukraine is “very difficult”, says Governor Serhiy Haidai. Said In an interview on Thursday, June 23, Russia occupied most of the region and, according to Haidai, sent “all reserves” to attack the Zolote-Toshikifka region south of Severodonetsk and Lysychans’k. ..

According to Haidai, Russian troops advancing from the previously captured Toshikifka dominated the villages of Lai Oleksandrivka and Rosktikhka on Wednesday.Judgment by the Institute for the Study of War evaluationRussian troops are now on the verge of surrounding the Ukrainian position in the towns of Zolote and Hirsuke.

“Luhansk People’s Army” ruled by the Kremlin Claim Ukrainian troops in these towns were already “completely surrounded” on Wednesday.Next, the parent Kremlin telegram channel Alleged According to “various estimates”, up to 3,000 Ukrainian troops could be stationed in the area.However, the video Post Pro-Kremlin defense reporters around Zolote and Hirsuke seemed to indicate that Ukrainian troops may have withdrawn.

It is still unclear whether Russian troops have managed to complete the siege of these Ukrainian positions. But later on Thursday, the so-called “Luhansk People’s Army” report That unit had entered Zolote and pushed it deep into the town.

As Serhiy Haidai recalled Thursday, Zolote was located along the Donbus line before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The town has been bombarded since 2014, according to the Governor of Luhansk, but since the onset of the intensifying war, enemy forces have attacked Zolote with “everything Russia has,” from phosphorus shells to aerial bombs. doing. Thus, Ukrainian headquarters may have ordered to move to a “new fortress line” to save the lives of military personnel, Haidai speculated.

British Defense Intelligence Staff report Similar developments: “Since June 19, Russian troops are likely to have advanced more than five kilometers. [3 miles] Towards the south approach of the city of Donbus in Lysychansik. Some Ukrainian troops have probably withdrawn to avoid being surrounded. According to the latest intelligence information, Russia’s improved performance in the region “is likely the result of recent troop reinforcements and a large concentration of fires.”

At the same time, the British Defense Intelligence Officer said Russia’s efforts to occupy the western part of the Donetsk region were “remaining deadlocked.”Donetsk Oblast Governor Pablo Kirirenko Said recently Nearly 45% of the area is under Ukrainian control.

The destroyed Palace of Culture in Lysychansik. June 17, 2022.
A fire broke out at the Azoth factory in Severodonetsk. June 18, 2022.

Institute for the Study of War Predict Russian troops advancing from the south are likely to arrive in Lysychansik “in the next few days.” According to Serhiy Haidai, the Russian army is now attack Villahora, a village on the southeastern suburbs of the city.

High die report On Thursday, the Lysychansik-Bakumut Highway (the so-called “Road of Life”) is not used for constant bombardment, but “quiet evacuation” from the city continues along other routes. In Lysychans’k itself, the governor said recently one person was killed and three were injured in the bombardment.

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