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Approval of tax exemption exchange project to facilitate movement of Arab airlines

Khaled Al-Enezi, director of the Civil Aviation Bureau, announced today that he has signed a draft agreement to exempt Arab airlines’ activities and equipment from taxes and tariffs to facilitate their movement. I did.

Al Enez issued a statement to the Kuwait News Agency at the end of the 12th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of the Financial and Civil Aviation Authority of Arab countries. A final draft of the agreement will be prepared during the meeting and submitted to relevant authorities along with a final report on the work of the Commission, and the next meeting will be held in October next year for consideration of approval. There are no comments to the Secretariat within one month from the date of the Committee meeting. “

Members of Kuwait’s participating delegations said many provisions of the draft agreement were voted during the meeting, especially after reviewing the findings received prior to the meeting from several countries such as Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt.

Al-Enezi said that the draft agreement “regulates the exchange of tax exemptions, promotes the operations of airlines from an economic point of view, and avoids double taxation between Arab countries, thereby the airline’s economic and financial. Contributes to the promotion of the economy. Its development. “

He said that imposing charges and taxes on airlines “would put a heavy burden on airlines” and that the proposals and observations presented by Kuwait were aimed at reaching an integrated formula. He pointed out his enthusiasm for finalizing the approval of the draft.

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https://www.timeskuwait.com/news/approval-of-tax-exemption-exchange-project-to-facilitate-movement-of-arab-air-carriers/ Approval of tax exemption exchange project to facilitate movement of Arab airlines

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