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Approval of the High Authority to give the High Commission for Industry and Security more powers

Okaz/Saudi Arabia Official Gazette

Riyadh The Saudi High Authority has approved the organization of the High Commissioner for Industry and Security (HCIS) and empowered it to exercise its functions more diligently and efficiently.

Military and civilian staff, equipment, workplaces and related projects related to the work of the Commission will be transferred from the Ministry of the Interior to the Commission, the Okaz/Saudi Gazette obtained from a well-informed source.

A new commission led by the Ministry of Home Affairs, comprising members of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Ministry of Finance and the High Commission on Industry and Security, is handling the transfer.

Higher authority approval included the organization of the new organization by introducing a new item within the Budget Articles of the Military Service Supreme Authority to facilitate the organization of commissions allocated from the state general budget. It was

According to the decision of the Higher Authority, civil servants who are to be transferred from the Ministry of Home Affairs to HCIS shall be treated in accordance with the provisions contained in the rules and regulations applicable to employees and workers of the covered sectors. for privatization.

This decision will allow HCIS to exercise its powers and fully carry out its mandate to manage and supervise facilities in the oil, industry and services sectors. These facilities must also fully comply with regulations and directives issued by the Commission. These facilities are also required to notify HCIS of any incidents, hazards or threats to safety and security in accordance with mechanisms approved by the Commission. Facilities shall only conduct work or assessments in cooperation with HCIS as determined by a higher authority.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/623714/SAUDI-ARABIA/Approval-of-Higher-authorities-to-give-more-powers-to-High-Commission-for-Industrial-Security?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Approval of the High Authority to give the High Commission for Industry and Security more powers

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