APT changes its name to PROHUMAN APT – Romanian Journal

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The APT Group has a history of more than 25 years, with sales of 64 million euros and about 4000 employees in 2021, it is the top three in the human resources services market, renamed to Prohuman APT and of the group. Matches your identity. Part of.

PROHUMAN, a leader in the industrial market in Hungary and located in seven European countries (Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and Austria), purchased a majority stake package APT in 2017. Entered the Romanian market. So far, activities in Romania have been carried out in parallel under the names of the two brands.

The first half of 2022 favored the natural transition of the Romanian company’s identity to the PROHUMAN brand elements (name, logo, web domain) and the promotion of the new identity to both the APT Group partnership. In general, we are involved as well as the Romanian market.

RegsvrGiven that we are in the process of expanding our territory at the national level, we believe it is time to be known for the new PROHUMAN brand. This process is evidence of our growth and we want to ensure that our business partners, employees and candidates are already familiar with the team and continue to focus on all their projects. The group we have been in since 2017, and the Romanian team, have great growth plans and continue to provide the highest quality service to our partners. Working with the PROHUMAN Group also means working with the Group’s vision to continually improve and diversify its services and become a leader in the Eastern European industry market by 2024. ” Says Sorina Donisa, CEO of PROHUMAN APT.

Last year, the company recorded sales of 314 mil RON and 64 mil EUR, respectively. The company’s CEO, Sorina Donisa, predicts sales of around 70 mil EUR by the end of 2022. At the same time, PROHUMAN APT has relocated its headquarters to a new location in Bucharest, addressing Expo Business Park, 54AAv. Popisteanu Street, Building 1, 4th floor, 1st ward. APT changes its name to PROHUMAN APT – Romanian Journal

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