Archimedes’ partnership with Origin Protocol is a game changer for DeFi players big and small

Archimedes An established and comprehensively audited DeFi lending and borrowing platform. Uniquely, the application aims to offer investors real long-term yields with up to 10x collateralized leverage.the platform has partnered When origin protocol Integrate Origin Dollar (OUSD), DeFi’s first yielding stablecoin. OUSD already earns higher yields than stablecoin lending on Aave, Compound, and Curve, but now it can earn even higher yields through Archimedes Finance.

As two of DeFi’s most recognized and respected innovators, the Archimedes and Origin partnership allows users to simultaneously benefit from Origin Dollar yields and Archimedes leverage capabilities.Origin’s Robust Performance and Reliability in the Ongoing Crypto Winter O USD Both – Origin’s USD pegged yield stablecoin – were factors that helped move the consolidation forward.

OUSD’s proven peg mechanism is consistently delivered to users. Since the stablecoin is backed 1:1 with USDC, Dai, and USDT, OUSD holds its pegs in a similar fashion to the major stablecoins. Origin’s values ​​of decentralization and self-management, especially as both projects aim to build better, more transparent and secure DeFi products and services for users around the world. As such, it is closely aligned with the values ​​of the Archimedes team.

Understanding Archimedes and OUSD under the hood

OUSD is backed 1:1 by pools of USDC, USDT, and DAI. Anyone who holds OUSD will earn a compound yield generated by a superior lending protocol and a decentralized exchange. OUSD employs thoroughly vetted and audited smart contracts to move stablecoin assets into and out of various money market liquidity pools such as Aave, Compound and Curve. In doing so, OUSD is able to guarantee its holders the highest possible yield from the many options available in the market.

If a user wants to buy a leveraged OUSD position, they simply deposit their OUSD into Archimedes’ platform. ArchimedesFi.comFrom there they can participate auction Pay leverage with ARCH, Archimedes’ governance and utility token. Auctions are designed to determine the fair market value of leverage. In return, Archimedes will offer the user up to 10x her APY against her OUSD collateral deposit and her NFT representing the position. The user can then hold her NFT position, sell it on the NFT Marketplace, or unwind the position at any time to recover both principal and earned interest.

Lenders who are liquidity providers on the platform also benefit from capturing sustainable market-leading yields from their revenue share and emissions. By offering 3CRV tokens to the Archimedes 3CRV/lvUSD Curve pool in exchange for ARCH tokens dynamic emissionsother partner protocol tokens, and a portion of the fees paid by borrowers (leverage takers), lenders will also be able to make substantial profits from their digital assets.

Built by Archimedes and the Origin Protocol, this two-way lending and borrowing market increases capital efficiency, opens up new income generating opportunities for investors, and rewards APY by revitalizing idle liquidity. It will expand and become a foundational component of the next wave of DeFi services.

Oz Rabinovitch, CEO of Archimedes, said OUSD’s in-depth audit, the excellence of its engineering team, the collaboration of the project with Archimedes, and the robustness of the OUSD protocol make it an ideal platform to push the boundaries when it comes to new things. You said you were a partner. , an opportunity to generate yields in his burgeoning DeFi market.

Matt Liu, co-founder of Origin Protocol, believes that Archimedes’ leverage engine, the platform’s various risk/return options, and the security and transparency provided by the Archimedes team have made him a reliable and trusted investment and development partner. He repeated these sentiments by stating that For users and projects of all sizes.

this partnership We promise to bring benefits to both lenders and borrowers across the DeFi space. Archimedes’ lending/borrowing marketplace for AMMs creates sustainable, accessible and long-term DeFi investment opportunities for billions of people around the world, solves the sustainability issue of pool rewards, and yields to users. Provides up to 10x leverage for stablecoins that generate It also improves capital efficiency while eliminating issues such as pool hopping and portfolio management.

Founded in 2017, Web3 pioneer Origin Protocol is also in rapid development, building innovative products for the fastest growing verticals in the cryptocurrency industry. By partnering with Archimedes, Origin can strengthen its offerings and create the proven foundation needed to help the DeFi industry reach the next plateau. Archimedes’ partnership with Origin Protocol is a game changer for DeFi players big and small

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