Are NSMs a counter to Australia’s land-based anti-ship missiles?

Kongsberg-Thalesstrike masteris the only confirmed competitor to the Australian Army’s land-based anti-ship missile project, Project Land 4100 Phase 2. navy newsdeclined to see if they would submit bids for the effort.

lockheed martin

Lockheed Martin Australia, which manufactures the AGM-158C LRASM, did not respond to specific questions from the AGM-158C LRASM. navy news About participating in the project. Lockheed’s Martin Missile and Fire Control division senior his manager, James Heading, said: Said navy news that:

“Lockheed Martin Australia is collaborating with Thales Australia in the design, development and manufacture of Lockheed Martin’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile-Surface Launch (LRASM SL) variant, with a particular focus on booster and rocket motor technology. This partnership advances our proven and mature LRASM maritime strike capabilities across further platforms for the next-generation ground and ground-launched domains.”

LRASM display on the Lockheed Martin stand at Indo Pacific 2022.

You can find an in-depth profile of LRASM SL and the ongoing collaboration between Lockheed and Thales Australia. hereAmong all potential products, LRASM-SL has a much longer reach, at least based on open source data.


contact for comments navy news Saab, which makes the RBS-15 anti-ship missile, said it was aware of the plan but had not yet decided on the level of involvement.

“Saab is aware of this project, but at this time, Saab has not yet determined the level of our involvement.”

The RBS-15 has been used by several users in various configurations. Country Includes Finland and Croatia as road-mobile anti-ship missile platforms.

Rendering of an RBS-15 fired from a mobile platform (Saab)

Strikemaster prototype in progress

Other companies were unsurprisingly tight-lipped, but Kongsberg Defense Australia provided detailed answers to questions posed by Naval News. Kongsberg confirmed to Naval News that if all goes according to plan, a Naval Strike Missile (NSM) launcher will be integrated into his Bushmaster vehicle by the end of this year.

“The NSMs obtained for DDG/FFH are the same NSMs for Strikemaster. The missiles can be used interchangeably across platforms. We believe it will provide the Commonwealth with tremendous flexibility and reduced cost of ownership.”

The first real NSM missile for Australia, currently acquired under Project SEA 1300, is expected to enter the country in 2024. A specific live-fire test.

No news about Bluespear

Israel Aerospace Industries, ST Engineering and their joint venture Proteus Advanced Systems navy news About Blue Spear Missile before publication. Last year, Proteus Advanced Systems confirmed the sale of an unspecified number of Blue Spear missiles and land launchers. Estonia. Are NSMs a counter to Australia’s land-based anti-ship missiles?

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