Are there any warnings about LGBTQ content for children’s shows?Senator Mike Leigh wants them

Utah Senator Mike Leigh and four Republican colleagues are seeking a new TV rating to allow parents to block their children from watching shows that contain “offensive content” that includes LGBTQ characters. increase.

In a letter to the TV Parents Guidelines Oversight Committee last weekSenator urged the panel to update the warning label system to better inform parents about “mature” subjects before they appear to children.

“Given that parents have expressed legitimate concerns about the content of their children’s TV shows’ sexual orientation and gender identity, it is the responsibility of the director to update the TV parent’s guidelines to reflect these concerns. I look forward to the meeting’s fulfillment, “said the letter.

“In recent years, children’s programs have been actively politicized and promoted on topics of sexual nature, including irreversible and harmful experimental treatments for mental disorders such as gender identity.”

This letter refers to a recent video from a children’s entertainment giant Disney executive who states that “we support the inclusion of many, many, and many LGBTQIA + characters in our story.” ..

Comments from Disney’s President of General Entertainment, Kaleibark, were part of a hypothetical debate about Disney’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” campaign.

Noting that she is the parent of a transgender child and a pansexual child, her full quote was: It’s a character and doesn’t have to be a gay story. “

Burke’s remarks also came when Disney expressed opposition. A new Florida law prohibiting classroom instruction and discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity in certain elementary school classrooms — For critics “Don’t say gay” Specification. Florida responded by giving Disney special tax status and revoking a 55-year-old arrangement that would allow the company to be essentially self-governing the 25,000-acre Disney World Complex.

A Republican senator said in a letter that gender discomfort has become sensational in media and television popular with radical activists and entertainment companies to harm children.

According to the letter, “this radical and sexual sensation not only hurt the child, but also destabilizes and damages the rights of the parent.”

Jessica Dammer, Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Utah Pride Center, states that it is important for children to see all kinds of characters on screen, from same-sex parents to transgender children. To Fox 13..

“Families exist, and one is no better than the other,” she said. “I know that some of the shows kids are watching love to see LGBTQ being represented in kids shows. I have kids in our community. So they are very excited. I want them to know that it’s okay to love myself, but I do, but there’s nothing obscene. “

Dummar told Fox13 that parents may not let their children see if the show warns them. They may never see themselves on the screen, and especially here in Utah, the media can help people of all ages to accept and understand their identities. She said.

Senators are obliged to ensure that the TV Surveillance Commission helps inform parents about mature content before the criteria are displayed to the child.

“When updating the TV Parents Guidelines, we consider precedents on how the Board evaluated sexually relevant, violent and obscene material, and apply to ideological prejudice. Please do so, “says the letter.

Lee and Senator of Kansas, Mike Brown of Indiana, Kevin Kramer of North Dakota, and Steve Daines of Montana want a response and a face-to-face meeting from the board by May 18.

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