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Are we witnessing the death of American Soft Power?

With Germany taking the lead in 2021, the United States was deprived of the top spot with its soft power skills. Find out why the United States is declining.

Before answering that question, you first need to get the definitions in order. What exactly is soft power?

Unlike hard power with coercion and brute force, soft power involves persuasion. Attractions and emulation.. The term was coined by Joseph S. Nye, one of the most respected names in the field of international affairs.

According to Dr. Nai Gentle power “Associated with intangible power resources” such as ideologies and institutions. In the essay, properly “Crush the US soft power edge“,” Nai says, “It’s the ability to influence others to get the results you want. The nation needs power, because without it, it’s hard to reach your goals.”

Forget intimidation and intimidation. Instead, he advised to focus on attracting followers through a strong “value and culture.”

Historically, he said: “The United States is good at exercising soft power based on culture, political ideals, and policies. Think of the young man behind the Iron Curtain listening to American music.”

But the noisy times of the time when the United States used soft power fairly easily seem to be gone.up to date Global Soft Power Index, The United States is in the sixth position. Germany currently holds the top position.

Is the American Dream, which is inextricably linked to the idea of ​​soft power, declining?

Nathan Schneider, Authors and scholars Those who cover the social movements in the United States TRT World:

“”[The] The country has always had conflicting cultures with equal support in liberating vibrancy, oppressing ethnic minorities and destroying colonialism. ”

according to Jeffrey Tucker, A leading social critic, Brownstone Research InstituteFor over a century, the United States “has been the owner of freedom, the world’s most important cultural / political idea. That idea has reshaped the world.”

“The idea is no longer dominant in American culture,” he said.

“Over the last few decades, the idea has lost its importance and has been taken over by the left and right Nostrams. Freedom in all sectors of research, including academia, media, politics, and large corporations. It is deprecated. It has been replaced by a culture of compliance, ideological fanaticism, and emptiness. “

The blockade of Covid-19 “consolidated this trend and proved that it is a difficult reality that US freedom is no longer the subject,” Tucker said.

“Many countries in the world have followed the United States in blockade policies, and the decision has proved disastrous. It has devastated the reputation of the United States around the world. It is also idealism for all generations. Crushed, “he added.

Of course, some readers disagree with Tucker. That is to be expected. The blockade is still controversial.Many experts have claimed a blockade, It was worth itOther people like Tucker, the blockade Incredibly expensive mistake, Economically and psychologically.

truth, According to some scholarsIs simple, but not satisfactory. I don’t know if they deserve it. But for those who think that the blockade (that is, the “cure”) was worse than the actual illness, it is not worth it, and their anger is obvious.

In the United States, these people, millions of people Lost trust in government agencies.. In many respects, they have lost confidence in the United States. If everyday Americans have lost confidence in the American system, it’s not surprising that the world sees America as its former shadow.

Most minority groups in the United States experience homelessness at a higher rate than the white population. This is impressive evidence of how inequality works in the United States. (AP)

Lose some of the stolen goods

Jeremi pickpocketMacBrown, an American historian and Special Commissioner for Leadership at the University of Texas at Austin’s Global Affairs, said: TRT World The reason for the collapse of the country can be traced back to the “end of the Cold War,” when the United States began to underestimate its investment in “education on the Department of State, aid agencies, and international affairs in general.”

Mr Suri said the United States “wins” the Cold War and has the strongest army in the world, leading many Americans to believe that diplomacy is less important. In other words, the United States has become complacent. It stuck to what it had already achieved and was not very interested in the ever-changing dynamics of the world.

For Sri, the United States has maintained its soft power dominance for decades because of its wealth and strong democracy. But over the last few decades, the country has become less attractive as income inequality has increased. Problems such as gun violence, social division, and inadequate governance exacerbated this collapse.

“We won the Cold War because it looked better as a society than our enemies. Many people doubt it today,” Dr. Sri said.

Dr. Suri mentioned the word charm. Domestic politics and international diplomacy affect the attractiveness of a country, as does the concept of “coolness”.

The United States was once a synonym for the word “cool”, but seems to have lost some of it. swag, Use terms that cool kids like. This takes us to the national music scene.

The United States was once synonymous with music that excited the masses.It gave birth to an artist Inspired generation In the world. Again, it seems that those days have passed.In recent works Atlantic, Ted Joia, a well-reputed music historian, talked about the decline of the country’s music scene.

“Think of the recent reaction when the Grammy Awards were postponed,” he writes.

“The cultural reaction was just a yawn, so I should probably say the lack of reaction. I follow thousands of music professionals on social media, but the biggest annual event with new music. There was no expression of frustration or regret for the event. It’s ominous. ”

It was ominous for quite a few. Less than 10 years ago 40 million people Adjusted to see the Grammy Awards.Last year, that number Was 8.8 million.. Will anyone even see a Grammy award 10 years from now? More importantly, does anyone really care if the prize disappears?

In addition to music, education also influences the attractiveness of the country. Education in the United States, which once had a completely positive view, Pretty tough Recent criticism. Such criticism seems to have had a considerable impact. Specifically, it’s very negative. And it’s global.

In 2020, as an author Karin Fischer and Sasha Aslanian: “The US government reported that in 2020, the total number of student visa holders decreased by 18% and the number of new registrants decreased by 72%, which is unprecedented.”

Covid’s restrictions played a role, but the author emphasizes that “the American light was already flickering” long before the pandemic pushed the world into a dire outage. The authors write that today’s students “have more choices than ever before, both worldwide and at home. They, like their American classmates, question college costs and the return of American bachelor’s degrees. They are safe in this country because they are d. ”

Safety points are interesting, not to mention relevant points. Crime is now in the highest position in cities like Los Angeles and New York, the cultural capitals of the United States. In LA, looting Recreational activities For hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens.On the other hand, in New York, violent crimes Increased has..

Can the United States regain that “mojo”? Can it regain some respect on the world stage?

According to the aforementioned Tucker, yes, “But it’s not easy.” Why? Doing so means a huge conflict with the media, academia, and large corporations. Regaining what we called liberalism requires a great deal of effort to reconstruct and restore freedom as a theme. “

According to Sri, the United States must do three things in order for the United States to regain its “mojo.” Arrange Democracy — Show the world that you can govern effectively and peacefully as a democracy. two. Dealing with wealth inequality at home — show the world that we can create a society where everyone wants to live and learn. three. Let’s return to our role as the leader of an exciting alliance. Bringing together other democracies to put pressure on reform (economic and political) on dictatorships (especially Russia and China). “

Nai, the father of the aforementioned soft power, TRT World If we had to “choose two things” to help the United States regain some trust on the world stage, they would be:

“I. Externally, do more to lead the fight against pandemics in poor countries and do not leave it to China’s” vaccine diplomacy “. two. At home, reduce the rhetoric and reality of extreme political polarization, if possible. (May not be the year of the election). And keep in mind that a significant portion of our soft power comes from civil society, not from government. ”

Source: TRT World

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