Are you flying on the weekend of July 4th?Flight delays and cancellations are increasing

Thousands of flights were delayed or canceled on Father’s Day and the weekend of June 16th. USA Today Report. This trend is expected to continue until summer, if not long.

Tensioned industry: On Saturday alone, more than 6,300 flights to and from the United States were delayed and 859 were canceled. NBC..

  • This is because summer trips are expected to return above pre-pandemic levels. However, the industry is not ready before the pandemic.

news: As the summer travel season approaches its peak, airlines across the country are already reducing their services.

  • Southwest Airlines has reduced approximately 20,000 flights between June and Labor Day and is stepping up its recruitment efforts to better manage the turmoil. NBC report.
  • United Airlines announced on July 1 that it will reduce 50 daily flights from Newark, NJ. CNBC..
  • Previously, Dezalet News American Airlines has reported that it will reduce flights from three cities: Ithaca, New York, Islip, and Toledo, Ohio.

What is the cause of these confusions? according to Dezalet NewsAs the pandemic peaked, many pilots were forced to dismiss or retire, leading to a nationwide shortage of pilots.

  • The air travel industry has recovered from 2020 layoffs and other issues, supply chain delays, and is still seeing other pandemic recessions. Forbes state.
  • On Tuesday, 1,300 pilots from Southwest Airlines participated in a protest in Dallas, Texas. Associated Press.. Pilots stood in the hot sun to demand better wages and working conditions in harsh working conditions.
  • Southwest Airlines isn’t the only pilot stressed.Pilot from delta, Alaska Other airlines across the country have held strikes to demand better working conditions.

Future outlook: Kit Derby, founder of Kit Derby Aviation Consulting, said: CBS News The weekend of July 4th means that the trip “doesn’t look good”.

  • “Airline operations are vulnerable and can easily get confused if any additional burden is placed on the service. Currently, airline personnel are thin enough to delay or cancel cascades, even in bad weather. It may be connected. ” CBS report.
  • Hopper’s lead economist, Haleyberg, also predicts a bumpy weekend for air travel on July 4th. Due to the high demand, Berg Yahoo..

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