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Are you ready for Qatar’s first camel festival? -Doha News

Here’s everything you need to know about the first: racing, beauty pageants, and great shows Qatar camel festival.

Qatar launched the first edition of the Camel Festival in Doha’s Revsia earlier this month. At this festival, the general public can enjoy unique and valuable varieties.

The 45-day event will run until March 22nd and will include a variety of competitions, including 115 national and international races. Mark the calendar!

To increase the excitement and competitiveness of those who enjoy such shows, the country has allocated a whopping 47 million QARs to the lucky winners.

Hundreds of camels throughout the region will also show off their attitude to earn the title of the most beautiful camel or “most valuable breed” at the festival.

Qatar launches new “Camel Ownership Transfer” service

In addition to raising awareness of camel excellence in Arabian heritage, the festival aims to increase animal wealth and protect the nature of the breed worldwide.

It also serves as a great opportunity for camel owners and enthusiasts to share their expertise with the younger generation, keeping the tradition alive for years to come.

cultural heritage

Camels have long been a large part of Qatar’s cultural heritage. Old travelers in this country helped travel long distances to majestic animals in the desert, exploring the peninsula and all its trade routes.

Many owners now use them for sports races and shows throughout the region.

Consecutive events

The long-awaited camel festival will take place shortly after the country finishes the Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF) Earlier this month.

World-class events will take place February 2-6, 2022, offering a unique experience for all viewers, including spectacular Arabian Peninsula horse shows, Arabian horse auctions, and title shows. The program was done. ..

Even in Katara Halal Qatar Festival Currently, it is open to the public for everyone to enjoy.

The 10th edition features beautiful species from across the region, carefully selected by a professional jury before the festival.

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