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Argentine brace for the new Covid-19 wave

Cases of confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) in Argentina almost doubled from Friday to Monday, resulting in 20,263 new infections.
On Friday, the government registered 11,181 new cases of the virus.
We publish daily cases on weekends, but those numbers tend to be lower than on weekdays.
The Argentine government has not disclosed the number of new cases that may be associated with the highly infectious subspecies of Omicron. It has also been detected in most neighboring countries.
Paraguay reported the first case on Monday.
The recent surge is still well below the record date for new infections in Argentina.
According to Reuters data, 41,080 new cases were reported on July 1.
Still, according to the Ministry of Health, the death toll has not skyrocketed in Argentina.
The country has given 70% of the population two doses and is currently providing booster shots to frontline workers and citizens over the age of 60.
South America is generally the most vaccinated area in the world after the Covid-19 wave was crushed.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707080/Argentina-braces-for-new-Covid-19-wave Argentine brace for the new Covid-19 wave

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