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Army shoots dead Palestinian teens

Palestinian teenagers died yesterday after being shot by Israeli troops on the occupied west coast, according to Palestinian medical personnel.
The 17-year-old boy was identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Camel Arawene and said he was “injured in a fire caused by Genin’s abdominal and hand occupation (Israeli troops).” Palestinian medical personnel said Araune was injured in Java, a village in Jenin Governorate on the northwestern bank of the Jordan River.
“The suspect threw a Molotov cocktail” in an army near Java on Saturday, Israeli troops said in a statement yesterday.
“The soldiers responded to the suspect with live ammunition,” the military added. “A hit has been identified.”
Since late March, 49 Palestinians have been killed across Israeli and Palestinian territories. Among them are suspected civilians, attackers, and combatants. They include Al Jazeera journalist Sirene Abu Acre. He was killed in an Israeli fire while reporting a military attack on Genin, according to the United Nations.
During the same period, 19 people (the majority of Israeli civilians in Israel) were killed, primarily by Palestinian attacks.
Three Israeli Arab attackers were also killed. Israeli security forces carry out almost daily raids on the west bank of the Jordan River, including Genin and its surroundings.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/720442/Troops-shoot-dead-Palestinian-teen Army shoots dead Palestinian teens

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