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Arosaimi praises schedule activation

By Abdellatif Sharah

Kuwait: Obed Munahi al-Osaimi, Secretary-General of the Kuwait Arab Shooting Federation, praised the invocation of the time schedule for the Joint Protocol between the National Guard and the Kuwait Shooting Sports Club, signed on 11 January 2011. This is the result of support. Of HH’s Prince Sheikh Mishal Ahmad Al Javert Al Saba when he was Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. He ordered the signing of a cooperation protocol between the shooting club and the National Guard and trained National Guard men in Olympic shooting sports including pistols, rifles, shotguns and archery at the Sheikh Saba Al Ahmad Olympic Shooting Complex.

Al Osaimi, in front of the KSSC Deputy General Technical Director of the pistol and rifle Abdullah Abdeaziz Al, has spoken Colonel Saleha Jaman Mohammad, Colonel Nawaf Karsan Ghosn and Major Abdullah Fares Mohammad of the Sports Branch. Upon welcoming him, he greeted the leader of the National Guard. -Rose cut. He said the cooperation protocol contributed to the discovery of several shooting champions who made some international achievements in the name of Kuwait.

Colonel Saleh Jaman Mohammad thanked KSSC officials for their interest in signing a time schedule plan to activate the Protocol items. He also praised the shooting club’s role in providing everything needed to train and develop the technical level of the National Guard.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/al-osaimi-commends-activation-of-schedule/ Arosaimi praises schedule activation

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