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Arrest and demand Owaishi for those who have called for a massacre of Muslims

Hyderabad: AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi said on Monday that mere FIR against those who demanded the massacre of Muslims in Durham Sansad, Haridwar, did not help and demanded arrest.

Hyderabad MP has now told reporters that the calling organization should be banned under the Anti-Illegal Act (UAPA).

Haridwar police nominated two more people in the First Information Return (FIR) on Saturday in connection with alleged hate speech.

Police previously booked Wasim Rizvi, also known as Jitendra Tyagi, etc. under Section 153A Indian Criminal Code of this case.

Mr Owaishi said the Samajwadi Party and parliamentary silence on the matter exposed them. He said he was worried that both parties would not get “other votes” in subsequent elections. “They (who the Haridwar speakers meet) even demanded the killing of the country’s former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. When will they react,” he asked parliamentary leaders.

The President of the All India Majlis-Muslim Council (AIMIM) said that Dharma Sanasad has openly called for a massacre of Muslims, and all parties that believe in the Constitution and the rule of law must break the silence. “They said the Rohingya in Myanmar were killed and lost their homes. Indian Muslims should be dealt with in a similar way,” he said.

Owaishi argued that such a thing was said at the Durham Sansad, with the blessing and full support of the BJP government in Uttarakhand.

He also tweeted that Raipur’s Durham Sansad would not be possible without the support of the Chhattisgarh parliamentary government. He pointed out that Ramsunder Das, chairman of the Gauseba Commission in Chhattisgarh and in cabinet position, is the main backer of Durham Sansad.

When Sant Kalicharan Maharaj was abusing Mahatma Gandhi, MPs made a series of tweets in response to reports that Ramsunder Das had left the stage.

He noted Calicharan’s remarks that parliamentarians, MLAs, ministers and prime ministers need to be hardcore Hidut vawadi. If people do not vote, Islam dominates the country and people vote at maximum, making Hindutvawadi stubborn no matter what party he comes from.

“Did Ram Sundar feel uncomfortable with this statement? Isn’t this statement blamed? When Calicharan was making this speech, Parliamentary leader Pramod Dubay and BJP leader Thatch Danand. Upasane and Nandokumar Sai were also in the audience. No one broke his silence, “Owaisi wrote.

Mr Owaisi said the talks on the Hindu Rashtra, a massacre of Muslims, were held under the auspices of parliamentary ministerial leaders. “FIR is only registered in Gandhi’s statement. Does this mean that the story of our genocide is not a problem?” He asked.

AIMIM leaders also delved into Chhattisgarh’s Prime Minister Bupeshbager. “Bagelji can stage Dana in Uttar Pradesh, but what’s happening in his own state in the name of religion? Everyone is in this race and who is the biggest Are you Hindu? “He said.

https://www.siasat.com/arrest-those-who-gave-call-for-genocide-of-muslims-demands-owaisi-2249029/ Arrest and demand Owaishi for those who have called for a massacre of Muslims

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