Art Stay Festival begins in Ptuj

Ptuj – The 20th Contemporary Art Festival Art Stays will take place on Thursday in the medieval town of Ptuj in the northeast, featuring foreign masters such as Slovenes and Yoko Ono, as well as up-and-coming artists. Titled Post Production, it aims to provide a retrospective exhibition of the past and a vision of the future.

Tonight’s opening event at the Ptuj Minica Monastery will feature a performance of visual arts by several artists after the opera, a concert by the Koala Voice Group at Piazza Slovenia and a projection mapping of the Ptuj City Theater by the Italian art group Movimento. It ends with. Creative label.

The festival program is divided into two parts. The first looks back at the history of the festival and the headline artwork done in previous iterations of the festival.

Post Production I, the main exhibition at Ptuj City Gallery, will showcase the works of iconic artists such as Marco Batista, Duchan Fisher, Noriko Obara, Santiagosera and Fernando Platts, who have left an indelible mark on the art stay. .. A work performed at the festival itself.

The second exhibition at the Ptuj Dominican Monastery presents intricate sculptures and installations from previous repetitions or currently completed of the festival, including works by Janet Bellot, Lynn Book and Robert Julac.

At Ptuj Castle, figurative sculptures by Italian artists and Japanese Yu Hamada will be on display. Polish director Lech Majewski will also be present to showcase his Bruegel Suite, which was introduced at the 54th Venice Biennale.

The exhibition series concludes with artwork in Ptuj by resident artists over the past few years at the Miharich Gallery. It also summarizes the entire history of the festival at the Town Hall Gallery.

The second part of the festival will focus on exhibition projects by the festival’s common names, such as Costantino Cervo, Nicoroma Cielos Grinzat and Stoyankabller, who have made their mark on the Ptuj art scene.

The festival, which runs until September 18, will also showcase art installations and video projection projects in different parts of the city. Art Stay Festival begins in Ptuj

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