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Article 153 abolished-Kuwait Times

It’s 2022. And while we stick to the newly created resolution and wish people a Happy New Year, it’s easy to forget that for many people it’s not a Happy New Year. Happiness is no longer a dream when each of us in an individual community focuses on resolutions that transform their societies. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people with lofty ideals face bureaucracy, and, in the case of Kuwait, an outdated patriarchy that seems unwilling to give up its rule.

Still, even in our country, there are diamonds in mines. This title is given to women who abolish Article 153. For almost seven years, they have opposed a system that treats honor killings as a misdemeanor and imposes up to three years in prison and / or a fine of 3,000 rupees. KD 14. What gets in the way is the fact that the article contains a “or”, as well as a generous sentence and embarrassing fines. In short, it is not a crime for a man to kill a woman involved in sexual activity. And even if her lover is killed, it’s still a misdemeanor. 3 years and / or KD14 fine.

When the initiative surfaced in November 2014, no one knew about this article, except for legal experts and parliamentarians. But these women changed that. As soon as they launched the campaign, their efforts were praised. And this praise culminated in receiving the 2016 Chaillot Human Rights Award at GCC.

By 2017, the Abolish 153 team could even convince five lawmakers to sign the bill. Sadly, nothing came out then. Four years have passed and Article 153 has been stubbornly implemented. This shows that men who believe that women are their property and deserve to be killed, intimidated, abused or harassed are in power.

Many wonder why men’s honor is tied to the activities of women in their families. Wouldn’t it be more encouraging for our society if people focus on the only important honor, that is, their own honor? And maybe we should redefine honor as being kind and respectful to each other.

For now, let’s remind you that the phrase “honor killings” is a misnomer. And in 2022, let’s hope that the lovely women of Article 153 of the abolition will eventually reach their goals. And happy new year for Japanese women. But there are many other initiatives that need our attention, so the work is not done. stay tuned!

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/abolish-article-153-2/ Article 153 abolished-Kuwait Times

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