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Artist David Galbraith’s stunning new watch collection pays homage to the UAE

As a child, David Galbraith always had two items, a pencil and a sketchbook. By the age of seven, he added a third. It’s a wristwatch given by his parents on his birthday that year. These three items will define the British career, and now heritage.

Britain in the 70’s was an electrical mix of cultural upheavals throughout creative art. It was in that environment that Galbraith matured. In 1974, he got a part-time job as a junior graphic designer for an advertising agency in Canterbury. There his employer quickly realized that his illustration and graphic work was of a very high standard. Aspiring to hone his skills, he enrolled in Chatham’s Medway Design College. The graduates included Karen Millen, Tracey Emin, Zandra Rhodes and others, and studied art and graphic design.

The year after finishing his studies at Medway, Galbraith was offered a job as a graphic designer for a French construction company in Saudi Arabia. “I arrived in Riyadh in the summer of 1976 to start work. I was excited to live and work in the kingdom. I enjoyed embracing a completely different culture and had a lot of free time. Spent to explore Riyadh, especially the old town of the city, “Basa”. I took a lot of pictures in the surrounding deserts and wadi, and sometimes even went to the Rub Al Khali Desert, “Galbraith recalls.

“My life at the time was a great adventure and a great opportunity. During my three years in Saudi Arabia, I visited many other parts of the Middle East, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.”

Galbraith then spent several years as a designer, rising to the level of creative director over time. But after working in his industry for over 40 years, he knew that he had to move from limiting career highlights to defining his legacy.

In 2019, he decided to leave the field of commercial design and focus on art. There was another aspect that Galbraith was enthusiastic about connecting to this chapter. It’s horology. “My interest in watches began when I was 12 years old when I visited Salisbury Cathedral, the home of the oldest watches in the world. It was made in the 14th century and absolutely fascinated me,” Galbraith said. increase.

David Galbraith
David Galbraith

To realize his ambition to blend art and watches, he found a collaborator at Swindon-based Deacon & Son. “For 25 years, I was a regular customer of Wiltshire’s historic and high-quality jewelers. Deacon & Son is a historic watchmaker and watchmaker founded in 1848. I will soon be the sixth generation to run a business. Became a friend of Richard Deacon’s family. “

Richard worked with Galbraith to set up another company called Historic Times to produce high-end handmade watches decorated with Galbraith art.

“Three years ago, Richard and I worked together to design and build handmade British watches using our artwork. The global watch market has been around for decades. It was flooded with cheap electric and battery-powered watches, but the handmade mechanical watch business was declining, but now many want to get a mechanical watch or watch with a real heartbeat. I think, “Galbraith said.

Switzerland has been successful in securing its position as a source of world-class luxury watches, but British watchmakers such as Bremont, Roger W. Smith and Robert Rooms are the same as Swiss watchmakers. I am so skilled. ..

“Many people consider Switzerland to be the home of the best watches and watchmakers in the world, but Britain has a long and proud tradition of making great mechanical watches. Richard Deacon and I. We are embracing the opportunity to combine these wonderful watches with fine art, “says Galbraith.

Here in the UAE, Galbraith’s artwork and watches produced by Historic Times are on display at The Arabian Gallery at Motivate Media Group’s Dubai headquarters. Some of his exquisite art includes about Dhs 55,000 acrylic paintings in the poplar panel artwork entitled “Arabian Falcon”.

On the other hand, some of the watches in the Galbraith collection include the Arabian Falcon Limited Edition Carriage Watch. Inspired by Galbraith’s Arabian Falcon artwork, the gold-plated watch has an eight-day power reserve, weighs 5 kg and is limited to 100 pieces. It is housed in a blue leather case handmade in England.

Some of the watches in the Historic Times collection are inspired by other celebrities. Sir Wilfred Sesciger The Cheltenham Clock features 20th century photographic images of Arabia taken by Sir Wilfred Sescigar, a British explorer and travel writer.

The photographic image was scanned and digitally printed on the four panels of the watch. These panels are hand lacquered and polished. Featuring a sophisticated triple chime movement, the mantelpiece watch has a brass rhodium-plated canopy that represents the movement. The clock is mounted on a handmade base with drawers. Sir Wilfred Secigar Carriage Clock is limited to 50 pieces. Sir Wilfred Secigar Navigator Clock is also available under this collection.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, which Galbraith has been familiar with since the 1970s, he released a series of specially designed watches to commemorate the country’s Golden Jubilee. “I accepted the challenge of designing a watch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates. I was trying to come up with a concept suitable for this particular watch. [the Navigator] And by chance, I ordered a book called Arabian Nights in a particular style whose cover happened to inspire me.

“We created a digital drawing of the Aljahili Fortress in Abu Dhabi to represent the unity of the seven United Arab Emirates, and then created drawings of famous buildings from each of the seven United Arab Emirates to show a sense of equality.” Galbraith explains.

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Navigator watch of the Arab Emirates is limited to 50 pieces, and not only does all these images appear on the base, but the 18K yellow gold plated watch has a white dial and 18K yellow gold plated. It has been given. appliques. Similarly, there is a UAE 50th Anniversary Edition of Carriage Clock Style with similar work.

Three years after the venture, which fuses art and watches with Richard Deacon, Galbraith says there’s much more to come. “We can design and manufacture bespoke watches. Work closely with our clients to create new artwork or use existing artwork for watch panels. Finely engraved to the client’s specifications. You can design and manufacture custom dials with your artwork. “

With these watches, Galbraith began to lay the cornerstone of his heritage. “I’m currently working on a new, larger and more accurate watch called a regulator. Regulators will be available soon. I’m passionate about my art and love for watches, and this The combination of the two is a legacy of my life. “

For more information on watches, please visit: thearabiangallery.com

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