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As “Friends” finish eight years, Himansh Kori travels the path of memory

Mumbai: Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh, Nicole Faria-starrer “Yaariyan” has been completed in the last 8 years. The film directed by Divya Khosla Kumar was released in 2014.

The movie was about college friendship, and the story for young people was a fascinating point. Actor Himanshu Kohli, who was seen as Raksha in the movie, becomes nostalgic and remembers a few moments from the set.

He states: “Anniversaries come every year, but traces of” Yaariyan “can be witnessed so far. So even after eight years of release, it’s still big. To be honest, when I started, I couldn’t imagine this 10-12 years ago.

If one is associated with a project and gives 100%, it will often be a place of memory that stays longer. The same is true for Himanche, and the memories from the set are still with him.

He recalls: “I remember coming late for the set on the first or second day, but Divya Ma’am was very angry with me. I was very sick of upsetting her and I was very sick. I immediately thought about correcting myself and issuing an alarm, and asked my team to make sure my day was planned in time for the shoot no matter what. To date, I have always emphasized arriving on time, which has made a big difference in my life, “he adds.

Your song “Blue Hai Paani Paani” was all the rage. What do you think about it, he answers. “It’s so big that people are listening to movie music tracks to this day. I was fortunate to be able to participate in such a wonderful debut silver screen project.”

Himansh wants to participate in the remake of “Yaariyan”. “Kya” “Yaariyan” Lakshya ke bina poori ho payegi? (Can “Yaariyan” be completed without Lakshya?) I don’t think so. But I leave that decision to the team, especially Divya Khosla Kumarma’am. Their vision made it so big. “

Himansh is now advancing his career and awaiting his next movie, Boon Delighter.

Regarding his career plans, he said: My next movie “Boon Delighter” is currently on the floor and has been there since November. Several music videos in collaboration with the T-series are underway, one of which will be released on January 14th. This is due to the T series, which includes Jubin Nautiyal, Helidalwara, Payaldev, and Gortam Grati. “

https://www.siasat.com/himansh-kohli-takes-trip-down-memory-lane-as-yaariyan-completes-8-years-2257423/ As “Friends” finish eight years, Himansh Kori travels the path of memory

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