AS Monaco women live up to the hope of promotion

A 2-2 draw against Toulouse on Sunday means that AS Monaco Women will be in the second leg of the playoffs. Only one game stands between them and their purpose.

Round 2 of the tie in Toulouse next Sunday couldn’t be balanced any better. After achieving a 100% win rate in the R1 regular season and winning 3-2 against Bourges in the semi-finals, there will be one more 90-minute match throughout the season.

Manager Stephen Gigo said his team was “weak” after last week’s victory, but Monaco didn’t respond to the tag. Instead, they began to dominate a wide range of matches and were eventually disappointed to escape with a draw alone.

Monaco should have taken the lead early, but denied it with a small margin. Bree Fuller hit the bar in the 10th minute of the opening and Laura Domek miscued the chip attempted when passing the goal.

It was former professional Toulouse who took the lead following the clever counter attack that Sophie Rouge finished against the flow of play. After that, what was an open and end-to-end event settled into rhythm, and both sides found a chance at the premium for the other half.

However, youthful Monaco counterattacked early in the second half. Fuller did so in a confused situation, but just paid for his hard work on the right wing. The offside flag was raised, but the referee did not blow the whistle, and it was clear that the last touch had come off Toulouse’s boots. Les Violettes brought down the tool and turned off the switch. By soaring into the box and finishing low to the left of the keeper, I was more completely profitable.

After restoring the parity, Monaco searched for 1 second and got it in 75 minutes. After Domek’s first efforts were shattered and the rebound hit a post from Fuller after a goal-mouse scramble, the ball fell to Domek’s feet again and did not make a mistake on his second chance.

But there was one cruel and final twist. A harmless Sonia Rumiga cross caught Monaco’s goalkeeper, misjudged the ball’s flight, and the ball snuggled up to the corner of the net. Neither side was able to find a winner when they were dying, and the game ended 2-2. Everything is still playing in the second leg.

After the match, Gigo looks back on his frustrating proficiency. Monaco Life, “It wasn’t efficient enough. I knew I needed to change my chances, but that’s part of the game. It’s up to us to change the tie. “

He continued. “We approached the match as needed and had a chance. Then we were stabbed once, returned to the level to fight back and take the lead, then we finish 2-2 from the cross. It’s a little frustrating. Monaco and Toulouse are about the same level, so we win with efficiency. We know we have to go there and win. “

Given that the away goals rule is in effect at the tie, Monaco must go there in search of a win (or a high-scoring draw). Some of Monaco’s best performances this year are under pressure and they need to produce another to achieve that coveted promotion to D2.

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