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As Qatar tackles the third wave of COVID infection, public frustration grows-Doha News

Concerns are rising amid the crisis of COVID-19 PCR testing, and some medical centers are affected by resource shortages, affecting children’s access to health care.

Mohammed Al-Dosari’s internet, known as prominent Snapchat blogger Dr. Hmood, is talking about a video calling on authorities and health ministers to review current care standards and expand emergency services for children. The video shows Al-Dawsari suffering for action after facing problems in admitting his child to the hospital.

Al-Dawsari’s main complaint is that children are packed into the tight spaces of the pediatric emergency unit at Hamad Hospital. “There are 60,000 children there,” says Al-Dawsari, exaggerating that number and impressing how crowded it was. “If someone hasn’t been infected with COVID before, they’ll certainly get infected after going there,” a social media influencer added in his video.

Similar complaints are widespread nationwide due to delays in PCR testing, resulting in dangerously long lines in front of the PHCC center.

Nurses and health care workers are under extreme pressure after all have canceled their vacations and been forced to work long hours in the light of the surge in numbers. Some healthcare professionals and hospital and clinic guards are disheartened by the large number of people gathering in front of the door to take the test without prior organization or order.

The suffering father mentions the chaotic situation of an old pediatric emergency center in Al Sadd. I couldn’t see or treat my daughter at this center. Al-Dawsari called on Health Minister Dr. Hanan Al-Kwari to leave her home and witness the situation at the health center in person.

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On December 27, another incident occurred in Al Sadd’s paramedics, where the heart of a one-week-old baby was stopped due to a medical malpractice by one of the nurses, causing brain damage. The baby was given an IV drip to reduce his fever, but the syringe was filled with air, which caused his heart to stop for 22 minutes while the doctor was trying to revive him.

Parents are asking Dr. Al Kwari to investigate the problem and compensate them if the report proves to be incorrect by Al Sadd.

A video of parents calling on the Ministry of Public Health to re-examine and improve their children’s emergency units has appeared online, raising public concerns about the current situation.


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