Assange, Ayahuasca, and Farming: A Week in Manyaneras

President Lopez Obrador toured the construction progress of the Maya Train railroad from the vantage point of his aircraft last Sunday, but was on the ground in Mexico City Monday morning to begin a dawn dialogue with reporters. i am back.


Early in the press conference, AMLO extended its condolences to family, friends and colleagues. The incident was among an army colonel killed and wounded in an ambush in Michoacan last Saturday allegedly carried out by members of the powerful New Jalisco state. Generation Cartel, or CJNG.

Campeche Governor Raida Sansoles (Gob MX) at a Monday morning press conference

Campeche Governor Raida Sansoles was present to provide a possibly exaggerated assessment of the Maya Train railway project in southeastern Mexico and Lopez Obrador’s role in making it happen.

“The Mayans would say: A gigantic project that only one man’s strength, will and passion could make possible.” .

“Thank you, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, noble man, son of the corn, son of the southeast. Thank you for giving my hometown the grandest project. [of Campeche]”

During a Q&A session with reporters, AMLO was asked about him. Promising Mexico fuel self-sufficiency.

“We have to keep investing. We want to be self-sufficient. That’s the goal for petrol and diesel, but we have to keep investing,” he said.

Lopez Obrador said his government has increased production at all of Mexico’s state-owned refineries, but more needs to be done.

“Today I have a meeting with six refinery managers. [in Mexico and] …At that time deer park [in Texas]We have a program and we are investing in… [we’re ] It’s about modernizing plants,” he said.

Another reporter asked the president. Health of Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Maneropointed out that there were rumors on social media that he had died.

Before mentioning that 83-year-old Lopez Obrador underwent spinal surgery, Lopez Obrador said, “There has been a lot of speculation and very distressing attitudes regarding this matter.

“He is at home, well, recovering and working. We hope he recovers soon,” he said.


Genaro García Luna’s US trial, which began on Monday, has once again been on the mind of López Obrador, a staunch opponent of ex-President Felipe Calderón, the former security minister’s former boss.

AMLO to Discuss Garcia Luna’s Trial at Tuesday’s Press Conference (Gob MX)

“According to the charges being made by the US government, he was in charge of public security and at the same time protected one of the cartels or organized crime groups,” he said.

But so far, AMLO said there has been no “irrefutable” evidence presented at the trial.

At a subsequent press conference, the president reported on the surgery to recover the body. 10 Miners Trapped in Coahuila Colliery Last August was nearing its end.

“We can say that the work is progressing well and we are close to recovering the bodies,” he said.

Lopez Obrador has also found time to reiterate his support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been imprisoned in the UK and is fighting extradition to the US on espionage charges.

“Assange is a journalist, not a spy, and what he did was reveal information, the same information that the New York Times and other media have revealed,” AMLO said. raised the matter of Assange With U.S. President Joe Biden.

“Why aren’t those media outlets brought to justice?” he asked.


Government spokeswoman Ana Garcia Vilkis returned to the National Palace to present her regular “Who’s Who in the Lies of the Week” segment.

She points out that El Pais recently published an article in English (translated from the Spanish article) that said Lopez Obrador was “trying to rewrite the constitution to allow re-election.” bottom.

“Of course… it’s a lie. The president of Mexico never said that. [the article] It was widely disseminated, lending credence to this narrative. It is the eloquence of the Mexican opposition and some media outlets in the international press,” Garcia said.

“In the English version…they inserted a complete lie,” Garcia said.

taxi line "Fuela Uvel de Mexico" written on the window
A taxi driver in Cancun at the October protest against Uber. (Taxtus Cancun)

In response to a reporter’s question about Taxi driver attacks on Uber drivers In Quintana Roo, AMLO expressed confidence that Governor Mara Lezama would resolve the issue.

“They are looking for a solution to a problem. …that is… [the governor] Lopez Obrador added that he did not expect the dispute to escalate.

The president then announced that he would celebrate the 85th anniversary with a massive event on March 18 in the central square of Mexico City. Nationalization of Mexico’s oil industry.

“Everyone invited. We must defend our sovereignty. [Mexican] We have to protect the oil industry, we have to protect the power industry,” he said.

“And we’re going to invite singers that people like. It’s going to be a party because we saved Pemex and the Federal Power Commission.”

One person who seems unlikely to receive a personal invitation from the president is renowned journalist Pedro Feliz de Conn.

Lopez Obrador read a tweet in the press on Wednesday, noting that Feliz Decon claimed it was “an open secret that he practices witchcraft.” Santeriablack magic and death rituals to reach and accumulate power.

“I have been in the ceremony,” the president admitted. “They cleanse me wherever I go. I’m proud of it because it’s part of our culture, traditions and customs. It’s deep Mexico,” he said. said.


Security Minister Rosa Isela Rodriguez takes the stage after reporting ‘zero impunity’ from her New Vice-President Luis Rodriguez Busio talked with Incident of the Peruvian shaman He was detained at the Mexico City airport last September for carrying ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant-based brew that is legal in his hometown of Peru.

“His name is Lauro Ginostrosa García. … He is an indigenous Quechua … has practiced traditional Peruvian medicine since the age of 10 … and has a doctorate in medical anthropology from UNAM. she said.

Rodriguez said her ministry is seeking release from preventive prison due to Hinostrosa’s age and health problems.

Peruvian citizen Lauro Hinostroza detained at Mexico City International Airport in September 2022 (Lauro Hinostroza Facebook)

“The family tells us that his rights were violated from the time of his arrest because he did not have access to an interpreter in his native language,” she added.

Lopez Obrador later revealed his own concerns about Mexico’s judicial system, saying he lacks confidence in most Supreme Court justices.

“The majority come from the old regime and do not have the courage to carry out drastic reform of the judiciary,” he said.

“…the prevailing and dominant is that only those who cannot buy innocence are punished,” AMLO charged.

Early in the press, the president confronted the son of the late Veracruz journalist Moises Sanchez. Killed in early 2015.

Jorge Sánchez condemned the impunity in the case and called on Lopez Obrador to meet with others who have lost him or their families to violence.

“I know you have a busy schedule, but I think you need to know what we’ve been through,” he said.

“…we know it doesn’t matter too much to you….El Chapo’s mom isn’t here, right?” added Sanchez, alluding to Lopez Obrador’s decision Shaking hands with the mother of convicted drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

The remarks irritated AMLO, who gave a blunt reply to the murdered journalist’s son.

“I always receive [people with grievances]I am attending [them] every day. …Dedicated every day to ensuring that justice is served. That’s my job,” he said.

“…but you come out this about El Chapo’s mom, what is it [businessman and government critic] Claudio X. Gonzalez says, right?or [journalists] Ciro Gomez Leyva or Joaquín Lopez Driga or [Carlos] Loret de Mola, all those who are funded by foreign governments, so-called non-governmental organizations … they are receiving money from abroad because they are against us. “


In response to the first question of the day, AMLO confirmed that the government would help pay off Pemex. nearly $10 billion Debt this year.

“We have supported Pemex in the past and will continue to do so as this is to save the most important publicly traded company in our country. …We will not leave Pemex without support.” ‘ he said.

Lopez Obrador later caused high inflation – Less than 8% in the first half of January – to the lack of support for Mexico’s agricultural sector during the previous “neoliberal” government. “

Food inflation is high “because we still have to import food,” he said.

“…the countryside was abandoned throughout the neoliberal era, [that’s why] we are not self-sufficient [for food]… we have to buy corn,” said AMLO.

“We are now increasing production so that virtually all the beans we consume are produced in Mexico. We are supporting corn growers and bean growers. And we still import a lot of rice…because rice production was completely abandoned.

Despite the country’s continued dependence on food imports, the president predicted that inflation would begin to ease soon.

“[A reduction] We’ll see that in the next INEGI data,” he said, referring to inflation figures regularly released by the National Institute of Statistical Geography.

After his communications chief announced Investigation result AMLO focused on the impending trip to Michoacán as AMLO showed to be the second most popular leader among the 22-man group.

AMLO visits IMSS-Bienestar hospital facility in Michoacan on Friday (Gob MX)

“Today in Michoacán we will launch a health program to improve the entire public health system,” he said.

Lopez Obrador – Who Commitment in early 2019 Within two years, Mexico will have a health care system that rivals Canada, Britain and Denmark, he said. Government Welfare Bank Network It will be reviewed at a conference he was due to attend during his state visit.

“Banco del Bienestar … [will eventually have] With approximately 3,000 branches, it is the country’s most branched bank, spread over nearly PHP600 billion. [in welfare payments per year]said AMLO, which has made financial assistance to Mexico’s most disadvantaged people a central feature of its administration.

mexico news daily Assange, Ayahuasca, and Farming: A Week in Manyaneras

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