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The Astra Film Festival is part of the European Film Awards Network for the most important documentary film festivals, and the organizers of the Shibiu Documentary Film Festival receive the right to make proposals for the European Film Academy Awards.

The Council of the European Film Academy has decided to include the Astra Film Festival on the list of the world’s leading documentary film festivals, including non-fiction film festivals such as IDFA, Vision du Reel, Cinema du Reel, CPH Dox and Category A. .. A film festival with documentary film sections such as Cannes, Berlin (Berlinale), Venice, Locarno, Sarajevo, Salt Lake City (Sundance) and Tribeca.

As a result of this decision, the organizers of the Astra Film Festival will be able to directly nominate for this year’s European Academy Awards, which is considered a European Oscar.

Since 1988, the European Film Awards have celebrated filmmaking excellence. The awards ceremony for the European Film Awards will be held in December in Berlin in odd-numbered years and in other European cities in even-numbered years.

This year, the ceremony will take place in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Recommendations must be made by 31 May and official recommendations will be announced by 8 November.

“We are pleased that the European fame of the Astra Film Festival has been recognized in this way. This is a confirmation of the professionalism that our festival has proved over 30 years and is unimaginable and continuous. It is the result of great efforts. “Said Dmitr Budrala, the founder of the Astra Film Festival.

Documentaries eligible for the 2022 European Film Academy Awards are feature films (70 minutes or more), European films, and must be officially released between June 2021 and May 2022. In addition, at least one of the following conditions must be met: It has won awards at major film festivals (such as the Astra Film Festival), has been selected for at least three major film festivals, and has been shown at film theaters in at least three countries.

Therefore, European films awarded at the Astra Film Festival that meet the above criteria are automatically nominated for the European Film Awards. In addition, all European films included in the official AFF selection have the opportunity to be nominated, including those in the AFF2021 edition. Astra Film Festival at the European Film Awards Network for the Most Important Documentary Film Festival – Romanian Journal

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