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ASUS aims to expand its reach in various sectors of the region

How was 2021 for ASUS in the Middle East? Which segment recorded the strongest performance?

In 2021, ASUS embarked on a new journey to become a technology brand of choice in the commercial PC business. ASUS business is a new chapter in this pursuit. Our goal is to be a reliable commercial PC brand in the Middle East, offering a wide range of premium products, sales support and excellent service.

Our idea is to empower all users, whether they are school or university students, or users working for government agencies, businesses, or SMBs.

Digitization has been a major impetus during the Covid crisis. How is that trend evolving?

Pandemics have accelerated digital transformation and hybrid work models. It has changed the way we work, operate and do business. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations are adopting new technologies and introducing new innovations. ASUS has developed its products with the ever-evolving needs of users of a particular profession in mind in relation to post-pandemic scenarios.

And how have customer preferences changed since the outbreak of the pandemic?

After the pandemic, there was great demand for lightweight, LTE-enabled products and solutions from end-user industries such as education and government.

To meet this demand, we have introduced the “World’s Lightest Notebook” with 24-hour battery backup. We have also swiftly launched a new product line that can enhance the provision of distance learning environments.

In 2022, we plan to launch several more new and exciting products.

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How do you distinguish yourself in the market as competition intensifies?

ASUS’s commercial product series, called the Expert Series, was developed with the user in mind. Each product is designed to meet the needs of a particular user segment. ASUS creates a variety of products to suit your business and lifestyle requirements.

Service is one of the key factors needed to succeed in a commercial business. The impact on the customer is enormous as it directly affects the brand experience. We treat this as an ever-evolving functional area by listening to our customers and making progress to provide better service.

While we already have the specific core elements needed to support our existing customers, we are also working on deploying value-added services that will help us approach a wider consumer network.

What are your plans for 2022 and beyond in this region?

End-user development is the main focus of ASUS Business in 2022. There are plans for each industry, including education, government, SMBs, and enterprises.

Establishing connections with all major educational institutions and devising end-user collaborative programs is one of our key goals in 2022.

For governments and businesses, our plan is to map all major end users and provide them with exclusive products and services. To that end, we plan to launch an industry-specific program.

https://gulfbusiness.com/video-asus-is-looking-to-grow-its-reach-among-different-sectors-in-the-region/ ASUS aims to expand its reach in various sectors of the region

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