ASYAGRO (ASY) can now be traded on the LBank exchange

Dubai’s Internet City – Global Digital Asset Trading Platform, LBank Exchange, listed on July 28, 2022, ASYAGRO (ASY) on July 28, 2022. ASY / USDT trading pairs are officially available to all LBank Exchange users. For trading.

As a metaverse platform for next-generation agricultural systems ASYAGRO (ASY) offers a variety of innovative products for the agricultural industry, including VR / AR products, games, IoT devices and ASY cards. The native token ASY will be listed on the LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC + 8) on July 28, 2022, further expanding its global reach and helping to achieve its vision.

Introduction ASYAGRO

ASYAGRO is an international platform aimed at developing a platform for the agricultural industry to bring the voluntary benefits of blockchain technology to the agricultural industry sector, where individuals and businesses interact directly through blockchain technology and the IoT. Build an ecosystem that can take advantage of the ASYAGRO platform with a variety of innovative solutions (Internet of Things), Web 3.0, and ASYAGRO’s own blockchain.

There are several innovative products offered by ASYAGRO. For example, next-generation VR / AR simulations used to train agricultural workers, ASYAGRO game platform built to allow players to earn ASY tokens while playing games, next designed for smart farming Generation IoT devices, etc. ASY cards created for agricultural payment systems will earn additional benefits and rewards.

ASYAGRO differs in security, privacy, transparency, blockchain technology, agriculture, lending, P2P transactions, and potential features of the NFT market. It is built and maintained according to the best security practices to ensure that you and your funds are always protected. In addition, ASYAGRO offers its own private and secure technology applications and decentralized exchanges with encrypted communication platforms.

ASYAGRO’s token trading does not involve any intermediary or government, and the transaction costs are kept very low. With ASYAGRO tokens, users do not have to worry about high transaction fees or chargebacks. In addition, the transfer is so fast that it eliminates the inconvenience of the usual approval and waiting period requirements.

After large-scale innovations in virtual worlds such as NFTs and Metaverse have been implemented, ASYAGRO plans to create its own history of virtual worlds for individuals and companies in the future. It is a coin that is a tool for the agricultural industry market and allows you to trade on the buying and selling of commodities in the agricultural sector with the help of users of agricultural-based blockchain platforms. ASYAGRO will be an innovative coin for future businesses in the agricultural sector.

About ASY tokens

ASY is a native token of the ASYAGRO ecosystem. Investors can hold cryptocurrencies by validating ASY tokens and holding them in smart exchanges. The more investors hold the exchange and invest in tokens, the more rewards they will get. 70% of ASY will be accumulated and invested in existing top third party DAOs. The intent is to get the project to invest in Bit DAO, the largest existing DAO. The owner of the ASY also has full commercial access to the SteelTown NFT. It may be retained, sold or transferred at will.

Based on BEP-20, ASY will be provided with a total of 7.5 billion (that is, 7,500,000,000) tokens. Listed on the LBank Exchange on July 28, 2022 at 18:00 (UTC + 8), investors interested in investing in ASYAGRO can easily buy and sell ASY tokens on the LBank Exchange today. Listing ASY Tokens on the LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help you grow your business even further and get more attention in the market.

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LBank Exchange ASYAGRO (ASY) can now be traded on the LBank exchange

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