ATM gang arrested after 20 robberies around Italy

(ANSA) – ROME, Aug 17 – An ATM gang was arrested on Wednesday after 20 robberies were carried out around Italy, police said.

The band, who cloned credit card details and PIN numbers to use ATMs to raid bank accounts across the country, were arrested by the Carabinieri from Ancona, Marche.

Thieves also used the stolen data to purchase expensive items such as tablets and smartphones.

About 14 suspected gang members were arrested, all Romanian citizens between the ages of 29 and 59.

All had long criminal records, police said.

They were charged with aggravated theft, receiving stolen goods, and forging non-cash payment instruments.

Police said an investigation conducted between September 2020 and January 2021 allegedly uncovered 20 criminal episodes.

Police said they carried out attacks in the provinces of Ancona, Bologna, Rimini, Ferrara, Forlicesena, Macerata, Chieti, Livorno, Verona, Novara and Fermo.

The victims were 20 people between the ages of 59 and 89.

Romanian gang members exchanged victims’ credit cards for dummy ones by tricks such as copying PIN codes at ATMs (usually UniCredit’s) and dropping banknotes on the ground (ANSA).

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