Attempted murder against Vladimir Solobyov.What we know about the far-right ex-inmate accused of attempting to kill Russia’s main propaganda

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Andre Pronsky at the Basmanny Court in Moscow on April 27, 2022

On June 21, Russian news outlets Mediazona and Baza both published an article about a man accused by Russian authorities of attempting to assassinate Russian propaganda Vladimir Solobyov. This is a crime planned by the neo-Nazis according to the FSB and the Investigative Committee of Russia. By order of Ukrainian security services. Created and written independently of each other, the articles detail what we know about the suspect so far. The majority of suspects have been convicted of committing racially motivated murders in the past. Meduza summarizes the findings of the following articles:

Most of the defendants in the attempted assassination against Russian propaganda Vladimir Solobyov arrested On the morning of April 25, just hours after the attempt was thwarted, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed. According to the FSB, the attack was planned by members of an organization called National Socialism / White Supremacism, which is banned in Russia.

according to For Mediazona, in the 2000s, the NS / WP name was used by “many unrelated Nazi groups” who carried out racially motivated attacks and killings. The movement that took place in the forum of the same name has become a separate subculture for “essentially boy murderers, or” stakeholders, “as they called themselves.

Investigators have nominated 29-year-old Andrey Pronsky, who allegedly planned the attempt, as the group leader. Pronsky, also known as “Bloody,” was first arrested in 2009 for allegedly attacking Kyrgyz migrant workers. He was arrested in 2021 for murdering a Jewish acquaintance. According to media reports, Pronsky led the man into the woods, killed him with an ax, and then posted a video on the Internet of himself abusing the man’s corpse. Andrey Pronsky was declared crazy and sent for compulsory treatment (source spoken by Baza, Mention As “a companion to Bloody’s psychiatric ward,” Pronsky claimed to be forging his madness).

Pronskey was released in 2021, but he was arrested again and put under house arrest that summer after being involved in a battle between a far-right concert attendant and an anti-fascist in the Degnino district of Moscow. In a later video showing Pronsky’s arrest on suspicion of attempted assassination by Solovyov, a monitor of his ankle can be seen on his leg.

Both Mediazona and Baza quoted a book written by Pronsky. The book says he is looking for a collaborator to “regain the glorious days.” According to Baza’s article, Pronsky regularly invited a group of people, including his current co-defendant, to the Solobyov case. Together, Baza wrote, they would “drown in the nostalgia of the old days.”

In 2021, Pronskey created a telegram channel, a message promoting weapons, instructions to create bombs to hide internet activity, and his “protests”, including the destruction of a monument at a Jewish tomb. I started posting proof. Baza quoted a person who belonged to a “combat group” and was allegedly not arrested like many others. He argued that one of the channels’ goals was to “promote the creation of autonomous units across the country.”

After the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, a message on the Telegram channel asked members to light a police vehicle or a car with a Z sticker and promised rewards to those (neonazis wage war). “Two anti-slavic systems: judo check system and judo oligogal system.”)

According to journalists, Pronsky also spent time with the 27-year-old Vladimirberyakov and the 26-year-old Vladimirberyanov defendants. They were both charged 10 years ago for being involved in the murders and series of attacks that took place between 2009 and 2010. According to Mediazona, they were released from prison in the late 2010s.

Belyakov finished his sentence at the first penal colony in the Yaroslav area. There, employees were charged with torturing and uploading prisoners. video Of abuse. According to Ruslan Vakapov, a human rights advocate who served in prison, Belyakov was “calm and calm” and did no harm to anyone while he was an “activist” (that is, he cooperated with the administration). rice field. In Pronsky’s book, he calls Belyakov and Stepanov “an example that others should follow” because they “remained true to the idea” after their release. According to Baza, after Bellakov was released from prison, he worked as a security guard at a cat and dog hotel, and Stepanov became a grave digger at the Troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow. During his arrest on April 25, Stepanov reportedly jumped out of the window and broke his leg.

Another defendant in this case is 29-year-old Timofey Mokiy, who was arrested in early June. In 2009, Mokii was arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in Moscow and was associated with a market explosion, the organization of which originated from the NS / WP movement. He was declared insane and sent for compulsory treatment.

Andrey Pronsky was later sent to the same mental hospital where Mokey was staying. That could be the place they met. In Pronskey’s book, he says Mokii sent him the shipment of banned items “for years” at the risk of his own freedom.

According to the number of sauceAfter the majority of the defendants in the Solobyov case were arrested, Timophie Mokii fired several military enlistment offices in and around Moscow.He was arrested In connection with the June 6th Solobyov case.

The video of the arrest on April 25 shows two men talking about a plan to assassinate Solobyov and connecting it to the Security Service of Ukraine. Mediazona has identified both of them. The first is 42-year-old Vasily Strizhakov, who was previously convicted of selling and assaulting marijuana. He spent time in the same mental hospital as Mokey and Pronsky.

The second man is 32-year-old Maxim Dordinin, the only defendant with no criminal record. Mediazona said none of them were found guilty, despite the video, according to records of a court session to determine what precautions would be taken against the defendants. According to Eva Merkacheva, a member of the Public Oversight Committee, one of the defendants who received a “serious psychiatric diagnosis” felt sick after he was arrested for being deprived of medicines. Said that. Mediazona journalists believe she mentions Strizhakov. Meanwhile, Dorjinin complained to the investigative commission that he was beaten in the process of his arrest and was forced to confess “what he did not do.” He also claimed that law enforcement agencies had planted evidence in him.

Vasily Strizakov of the Basmanny Court in Moscow. April 26, 2022

Sources that Baza called “participants in the armed group” claimed that Strizakov and Dordinin had nothing to do with the other defendants and ended up in a “complete accident” in this case. Sources speculated that Strizhakov may have been arrested for being “a person who is willing to testify of anything.”

Mediazona’s article did not assess the accuracy of the allegations that the defendants were preparing an attempted assassination against Solobyov or that they were working for the Security Service of Ukraine. The outlet said the criminal case began in early April after Solobyov first reported threatening to the investigative commission. However, Solobyov also claims to have known “along with the rest of the country” about the assassination attempt, even though he said on the same day that the assassination attempt was “ordered” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. There is. Mediazona said it is unclear if Zelensky is mentioned by name in the case material.

According to “armed group participants” who allegedly spoke to Baza, an actual assassination attempt was planned, but not an order from the Security Service of Ukraine. This group just wanted to commit a crime that attracted more attention than igniting a car or military enlistment office. According to Baza sources, the group also considered assassinating Novaya Zemlya’s editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov (a “consistent anti-fascist”), but he was “quite famous” and eventually decided on Solobyov. Sources also said he “did not participate directly” and that he did not know the details of the plan. Baza’s team did not indicate whether they believed the claim to be credible. Attempted murder against Vladimir Solobyov.What we know about the far-right ex-inmate accused of attempting to kill Russia’s main propaganda

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