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According to SEB Bank’s Baltic Population Survey*, nearly two-fifths of Baltic residents invest in various financial instruments. In Latvia, 38% of her residents are engaged in investing, and in Lithuania and Estonia 39% are engaged in investing.

Research shows that Latvian residents and Estonian residents are generally brave when it comes to investing.

14% of Latvians and 12% of Estonians say they do not currently have any form of investment but plan to start investing in various financial instruments in the coming months. In Lithuania, on the other hand, only 6% of residents are looking to start investing in the near future.

Residents of Estonia are generally braver to invest than their neighbors, with 8% of residents planning to increase their investment.

6% of Latvian residents likewise plan to increase their investment. Residents of Lithuania are more cautious than those of the Baltics, with only 5% of interviewed residents planning to increase existing investments. Twelve percent of his respondents said they plan to cut investments. Only 11% of existing investors in Latvia and Estonia said they plan to reduce their investments.

Looking at the most popular financial products that residents choose to invest their money in, the most popular options in Latvia are third-level annuities (60%), cumulative life insurance (36%), and We can conclude that it is an investment in the stocks of various companies (20%). %).

Residents of Lithuania show similar priorities, with residents deciding to invest in cumulative life insurance (43%), third-tier annuities (41%) and company shares (28%). I’m here.

Tier 3 pensions are also popular in Estonia, with 56% of residents using them. Residents of Estonia are also active in investing in equities (52%) and investment funds (23%).

«The results of the survey show that Latvian and Lithuanian residents opt for more stable and less risky options, while Estonian residents are prepared to take greater risks and potentially receive greater returns. It should be added that none of these options are better or more accurate than the others. They are different in terms of investment objectives and risk tolerance,” explains Elīna Kalniņa, head of her private financing office at SEB Bank.

Estonians have to be more addicted to savings than residents of other Baltic countries

Looking at the savings habits of Baltic residents, SEB Bank concluded that Latvians have increased their savings fairly well over the past six months. Her 13% of Latvian residents have increased their savings. Estonia is not far behind, with her 11% of interviewed residents successfully increasing their savings. Things are not so good in Lithuania compared to her other two Baltic states. Only 9% of residents have increased their savings.

Kalniņa adds that despite the positive growth trend, Estonia also has the highest number of residents who have recently had to withdraw their savings. .

*Norstat conducted research at the request of SEB Bank. Her 3,010 respondents aged 18 to her 74 years participated. Attitudes towards investment differ across the Baltics – Baltic News Network

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