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Australia May Use Defense Forces to Support Covid’s Hit Elderly Care Sector

Australia could use the Defense Forces to increase staff and manage the outbreak of Covid-19 in the elderly care sector, which is blocking many homes, the Prime Minister said Friday. ..

Government is under pressure over the epidemic of Omicron variants in Elderly Housing with Care, and Australian Senior and Elderly Care Services Minister Richard Colbeck will appear in front of Parliamentary Commission after attending a cricket match. Instead, it called for criticism. occurrence.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he asked Defense and Health ministers how the Defense Forces could support long-term care facilities that had to be quarantined by many staff due to infectious diseases.

About 560 elderly caregivers have died since the attack on Omicron in late 2021, Morrison said.

He warned reporters that the Defense Forces were not on the “shadow workforce” of the sector, but on “simple solutions to complex problems,” but they had to consider options.

“When you are the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and Elderly Care, and the Minister of Defense, you have to deal with practical options that work,” he said.

The Australian Defense Force was involved in managing the pandemic response, with the lieutenant responsible for deploying the vaccine and the military participating in monitoring the blockade in large cities.

The total daily Covid-19 infections declined across Australia on Friday, expected to be the lowest in more than a month, with approximately 30,000 new cases recorded in the largest states.

Some states have not yet reported figures, but a total of 81 deaths were reported on Friday.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709263/Australia-may-use-defence-forces-to-help-Covid-hit Australia May Use Defense Forces to Support Covid’s Hit Elderly Care Sector

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