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Australian Open player tired of Djokovic’s story

Melbourne: Australian Open players were fed up yesterday when Novak Djokovic’s Visa Saga cast a shadow over this year’s opening Grand Slam and declared Rafael Nadal no one bigger than the tournament. Djokovic, the number one in the world, was detained again in Australia after authorities obtained a visa again and declared him a threat to the people. He faces deportation with a chance to defend his men’s title in Melbourne Park, which looks slimmer.

His lawyer is fighting to keep him in the country in a controversy that has been going on for over a week. Nadal is in a position to benefit if Djokovic is kicked out by both players striving to win the unprecedented 21 Grand Slams first. He emphasized his respect for Serbs as a person and as a player, but Nadal revealed that no one was bigger than the sport. “I tell you one thing, it’s very clear that Novak Djokovic is arguably one of the best players in history, but in history no one is more important than an event. You’re not there, right? “He said.

“Players go after staying, and other players are coming. Nobody, Roger (Federer), Novak, me, even Bjorn Borg, who was great in his time, continues to play tennis.” The Australian Open is far more important than any other player, “he added. “If he’s finally playing, it’s okay. If he’s not playing, the Australian Open will be a great Australian Open with or without him.” Nadal said the saga was “overkill.” “I was a little tired of the situation because I believe it’s important to talk about our sport, tennis,” he added. Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka said she didn’t know much about Serbs, but it was sad that she became more memorable in her opposition to vaccination than abuse on the court.

“Australian experienced a lot”

“I think it’s an unfortunate situation. He’s a very nice player and it’s sad that someone might remember (his) like this,” she said two days before the start of the tournament. rice field. World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas criticized the 20-time Grand Slam winner earlier this week for “playing according to his own rules.” But he hesitated to get involved again yesterday. “I’m here to talk about tennis, not Novak Djokovic,” said the 23-year-old Greek. “I don’t lie. It’s been featured in almost every press for the past few weeks. It’s getting a lot of attention. Many people are clearly talking about it.

“So I’m here to talk about tennis. I haven’t talked enough about tennis in the last few weeks. This is a shame.” But Djokovic says that Djokovic is the model. It received careful support from Alexander Zverev, the third-largest player in the world who suggested it. “I think Novak is a very famous and global superstar. I think he’s the one who thinks he can do a lot of things just because he’s Novak.”

“I’m not sure about the situation, but unless it’s the world’s number one Novak Djokovic with 20 Grand Slams, it won’t be that big a drama. I believe,” he added. But Alex De Minaur, Australia’s main man’s hope, was fed up saying he would hurt the tournament and other players. “First of all, the whole situation has robbed our competitors of a lot of spotlight. We’re here to play the Australian Open.” It seems like we’re robbing the competitors we just want to get started. I feel like that. “

Asked if Djokovic was the author of his own demise, he replied. There is no secret about it. They made it very hard. “They have done a lot of work to protect their borders with themselves. When you enter, and like all other tennis players, if you want to enter, you have a double vaccine. I had to get vaccinated. “Former world number one Andy Murray, who plays at the British Open, said he wanted Djokovic’s status to be cleared, but” he went down. I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak while I’m there. ” -AFP

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