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Ranil Wickremesinghe is a leader without popularity polls. Ruler without delegation; Ruler without legitimacy. Still, he is trying to crush civilians with the army and police. Aragaraya 3.0 must be born as a resistance to Ranil’s rule and can only end with his political contraction.

As the old saying goes, action is more eloquent than words. The action came from Ranil. Speech is also an action. He sounded warlike for days.He was elected leader of the country by a majority of Rajapaksa in parliament, and after stopping halfway to thank the military and police, he Aragaraya.. At the Valley of Gangala, Funupitiya, he unnecessarily criticized Aragalaya. After swearing yesterday, he went to the Ministry of Defense, where he was greeted by Gota’s closest comrade (retd), General Kamal Gunaratna, Secretary / Secretary of Defense.

Of course, by coincidence, hours after the meeting, the Army invaded GotaGoGama and, along with police, beat several activists there and rounded up others. They did, despite the fact that the evening news clearly indicated the evacuation of the precincts of the Presidential Secretariat!

What is happening to all decent humans who can cause moral anger, and to all decent humans who can actually cause moral anger, not only in Sri Lanka, but in Sri Lanka around the world I have to protest that it is clearly coming.

Ranil’s roots and records

On my part, I was shocked, but not surprised, as I warned about this in a recent article. This is because I knew Ranil and was a critic for decades.

To understand what happened at GGG, what happened, and what we had to do to resist and roll back, we needed to know where Ranil came from. His parents, Ezmond and Narini Wikramainha, were based in Lakehouse and were far right in politics in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. I’m close to this as my late father Marvin de Silva was the editor of Daily News (1970) and was fighting them at Lakehouse even when Ranil’s mother was still the director. I know at.

One of the problems of the fierce conflict between Ranil’s father and me speaks directly to Ranil’s administration and the just-unleashed crackdown. It started in 1965 and lasted for years. It was about dictatorship and the military junta. The Indonesian army seized power in September 1965 and began crackdowns that consumed more than 1.5 million people. The unarmed Communist Party was slaughtered. Suharto dictatorship has begun. A tough economic model has been implemented. There was a famous movie called “The Year of Living Danger” about that dramatic period. I was there with my parents.

Returning to Sri Lanka, there was a major rift in the ruling UNP between the liberal democratic Dudley Senanayake and the authoritarian JR Jaywalden-Ezmond Wicklemesinge. Lakehouse was the cockpit of an ideological struggle. I often hear that Ezmond advocates an “Indonesian model,” and his acolyte wrote an article in support of the newspaper.

My father Melvin, my mother Lakshmi, and I (8 years old) were in Indonesia in preparation for the coup. Marvin and his family were personally invited by Foreign Minister Dr. Subandrio to speak at a conference of the Afroasiatic Association of Journalists in Bali to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the famous Bandung Summit in 1955. He was the last foreign journalist to interview DN Edit, the leader of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). On the Lakehouse treatise page, and in fact on the Lakehouse corridor, Marvin was the strongest enemy of Ceylon’s “Indonesian model” of Ezmond Wikla Machinha. This is the model that Ranil Wikra Machine Ha is trying to implement.

Rohana Wijeweera took a serious look when the debate broke out publicly in the newspapers and UNP itself in the 1960s. He warned the country that JR-Ezmond Wickleminge’s wings could dismiss Dudley Senanayake, abandon the 1970 elections and install an Indonesian model. He decided that the JVP should be armed with self-defense, as he is not armed, unlike the CPs in China and Vietnam, because the unarmed but large-scale Communist Party of Indonesia was accurately slaughtered.

Rohana Wijeweera was alert, but his prognosis and prescription were wrong. What didn’t work was the strong central left opposition that ensured that the elections would take place in 1970. His coiled spring of JVP then jumped into armed action against the campaigning government in 1971 and was arrested after an old homemade. A hand bomb accidentally exploded.

Ranil hates young rebels

Ranil has always hated the young left. Ranil was the only notable exception in the 1970s when all of UNP, including the youth and student forces, were affected by the youth rebellion in April 1971 and shifted to some extent to the left.

When he was elected to Congress in 1977, Ranil’s villain was known to have kidnapped student activists from the CTB bus, took them to Sri Kotha, and beat them. He justified the stoning of the judge’s house by thugs after a court ruling in Congress against a police officer who kicked the revered Vivian Goonwalden on the floor of the Korpeti police station. Gonna Werasnil, who was sentenced to death for leading a mass rape of Dr. ATS Paul’s 14-year-old daughter at Galle Face Green, was released by JR Jaywalden on a presidential amnesty and represented by Ranil as a justice of the peace in the area. , Through the sponsorship of Ranil. He parked at the Ministry of Education, led by Ranil, and worked there.

When Vijaya Kumaratunga was shot during the Mahara campaign, his bodyguard jumped and died in front of a shotgun blast. It could have been Vijaya. When the lights went out during the Mahara by-election counts and they turned on, UNP won while the previous Vijaya was losing. Who do you think was the senior UNPer who was appointed political officer on the UNP side in the Mahara by-elections? Ranil Wickremesinghe.

It was Ranil who revitalized and empowered the JVP student movement by a polarized, one-sided white paper on education (1980) that sparked large-scale student protests. These are the types of “reforms” he implements during his presidency.

Don’t talk about Batalanda either. Apart from the committee’s report, there was testimony broadcast nationwide by the victim’s family.

The army is now in love with Ranil. It appears to have a collective (preferably temporary) memory loss about the sneaky condition pushed by the biased CFA with Ranil’s Prabakalan. To make matters worse, Ranil, who had no problem in slamming a deadly left-wing youth in the South, stopped his LRRP hit on Verpillai Prabakalan on December In 2001, he overturned Army Commander Lionel Baragare’s plea, stating that it would shorten the war and drive the LTTE into a negotiated settlement. This is detailed in the book by Paul Moorecraft, a senior teacher at Sandhurst.

How to resist ranil

There is only one way to thwart the Ranil-Rajapaksa-military regime that is currently being formed. The only formula I know has been tested and tested in history around the world. It is a united front for anti-fascist or anti-fascist resistance. In this case, the widest united front against oppression and dictatorship.

When JVP and FSP do not combine, both do not combine with SJB, and SJB does not combine with SJB. If they do not unite with SLFP and 10 small parties, and if they do not pull out the opposition Dallas at this point, they will all be shattered by the Ranil-Rajapaksa civilian-military junta. prize. First, anyone who is willing to unite with anyone else should do so in a cluster today. Choose your political partner, but find something beyond your current circle for God.

Citizen activists must put pressure on leaders and political parties to form a single block. On the other hand, implement it yourself at the local level. In every workplace and neighborhood, all people in all social classes who support these parties, and all who are independent of the party’s politics, need to form a network of joint and networked networks. Tomorrow must be different from yesterday. , Today should be different from last night (July 21st). Without unity at all levels, in prisons and graveyards (if you’re lucky), or incinerators, everyone will unite anyway. Authentic Lanil Report and Aragalaya 3.0 – Island

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