Authorities fear gang-led retaliation after Porto’s murder

Porto officials are said to be preparing for the next round of the next gang-led attack Saturday killing of Igor Silva, 26 years old Thousands of people celebrated the National Football Championship, which Porto FC won at the Dragão.

It has been established that the murder of Silva was carried out by so-called so-called members. “Super Dragões” crackas a result complain Following various recent punch-ups.

Witnesses said:20 or more“Assault the victims directly with a fan mele celebrating Porto’s victory over Benfica The purpose of killing him“.

One witness told reporters that even if Silva was already on the ground, one of the attackers was “everything hurt.”I stabbed him in my chest. Then they all ran away …

Since the attack, “Igor’s group” has openly threatened people through social media who believe they have killed their friends, “guaranteeing that death will be retaliated.”

Today, Correioda Manhã states: “this is, Neute Blanca– Another episode (2007) containing gang-led murder and extreme violence.

“”Authorities fear that Igor’s death will cause a wave of violence“, Mainly in the nightlife department of the city.

For now, Prime Suspect is the son of a former soccer player who was notorious for the fact that he once (intentionally) broke the referee’s nose.

According to the commercial, Igor approached a former soccer player and beat him when he came to Lisbon last week as a result of various incidents, including a threat to his own mother.

“Aggression was filmed,” the former soccer player “feels humiliated,” so the theory is that “a group was gathered around him and he and his son ambushed Igor armed with a knife.”

A little similar to the case of young people PSP agent beaten to death outside a nightclub in Lisbon In March, Prime Suspect remained “large” and PJ police are actively searching for him.

However, in contrast to the murder of Lisbon, no other arrests appear to have been made so far. Authorities fear gang-led retaliation after Porto’s murder

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