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Authorities reduce the amount of bran for livestock breeders to 4000 tonnes

The Kuwaiti Mill announced today that the amount of bran prescribed to breeders in the livestock sector has been reduced to 4,000 tonnes from July of this year until further notice.

At a press conference, Abdul Hakim al-Ahmad, head of the Federation of Fresh Dairy Producers, confirmed the union’s support for a decision that would lead to a fair distribution of feed between livestock and cattle breeders. M. Ali Al-Farsi, Director of Agriculture and Mohsen Al-Mutairi, Deputy Director of Livestock, are working specifically to help strengthen food security, embody educators’ ideas and remove obstacles. increase. Those that interfere with their work on farms and orchards report local Arabic daily.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that bran is a material that results from the process of milling wheat as a by-product, and that its production depends on market conditions and the sales volume of the milling company, and he points out that he is following up. Promises related to increased support for milk, its derivatives and feed with competent authorities to ensure bleeder ease. Under conditions related to transportation, transportation, etc.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/authority-reduces-quantity-of-bran-for-livestock-breeders-to-4-thousand-tons/ Authorities reduce the amount of bran for livestock breeders to 4000 tonnes

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