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Nassau, Bahamas-The Bahamas do not have a dedicated shelter facility, so Karl Smith, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Disaster Management, Management and Reconstruction, admits that it relies on public and private facilities to double as a hurricane shelter. , The archipelago and people who do not follow proper building codes in the face of more devastating storms.

He described it as a “serious problem.”

“Many buildings, even private homes, do not comply with building codes, and Hurricane Dorian was an unusual hurricane that sat on the Bahamas for quite some time,” he said.

He continued. “We are all responsible. Some of us encourage such reconciliation through our omissions or actions, and in order to put it on the shoulders of the government, we have eliminated them. You have a responsibility to ensure that. “

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th.

During the deadly Hurricane Dorian in September 2019, many shelters were endangered or destroyed, forcing residents to undertake elements to find alternative shelters.

A Category 5 storm struck Abaco and Grand Bahama on September 1, crawling these islands for three days with winds of over 185 mph and storm surges up to 25 feet.

After the storm, the US government gave the Bahamas mobile shelter a value of about $ 3.6 million.

The total package included 40 tents that could accommodate 10 people per tent and could be equipped with a shower and air conditioning. Three field kitchens with 600 meals a day. Among other items.

Captain Stephen Russell, director of the Office for Emergency Management (NEMA), said these mobile shelters were placed on defense forces vessels built in the aftermath of potential hurricanes that affected one or more islands. Said to be done.

According to Russell, a report on mass fatalities as a result of natural disasters has been completed.

He said the report would soon be open to the public.

Russell pointed out that an international team of the Red Cross will visit the Bahamas next week to consider how to deal with the dead after a natural disaster.

Smith added that the Bahamas have learned lessons from the destruction of Dorian in Grand Bahama and Abaco and continue to improve what it does.

The previous administration was expected to begin construction of a $ 1.8 million community center and hurricane shelter in Abaco’s Central Rocks in December 2020, accommodating 800 people during the hurricane.

Development was expected to be completed by the end of the summer of 2021, but as of last month, authorities said it was unlikely that the center and hurricane shelter would be completed in time for the next hurricane season.

It could cost more than $ 3 million, according to Alex Stowe, chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Agency (DRA), who said the government is aiming to reopen the project.

According to people familiar with the matter, the existing Bahamian building code can withstand Category 3 hurricanes, but many Bahamans are enormous if, for example, the Building Code requires building a house that can withstand Category 5 hurricanes. I couldn’t become a homeowner because of the cost.

The minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, Myles Laroda, who is responsible for the Bahamas’ disaster, also advised that funding was raised to rescue an additional 1,100 individuals who were approved for assistance following Dorian.

He said 2,600 people applied and approved, but that number was 3,700, with about 1,100 leaving support.

He said he now has the funds to support individuals at various stages of recovery. Authorities warn unregulated communities and homes face a greater storm threat – Eye Witness News

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