Average annual health care costs in Switzerland in 2020 reached CHF 9,600

According to statistics released on April 26, 2022, Swiss health care costs have risen to CHF 9,648 (US $ 10,800).1) Per capita in 2020, Switzerland will (probably) be the second largest per capita spender in the world – the OECD still announces US 2020 spending, which is usually the highest spender in the world I have not.

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According to the Swiss Federal Bureau of Statistics (FSO), health care costs in 2020 increased by 1% compared to 2019. The increase in spending reflects the Covid-19 pandemic. The decrease in spending on medical examinations and outpatient treatment (CHF-CHF-800 million) was offset primarily by the increase in government medical expenses to hospitals (CHF +1.2 billion).

The net 1% increase in 2020 was below the average annual increase in Switzerland (+ 2.3%) over the last five years.

59% of the total per capita cost of CHF 9,648 in 2020 was paid directly by the individual in the form of health insurance premiums (36%) and direct out-of-pocket costs (23%) after receiving medical care. The rest was paid indirectly through the employer (7%) and taxes (34%). Taxes were used primarily to directly fund hospital-centered medical care (22%) and to fund health insurance subsidies paid to low-income residents.

A much smaller portion of the total was spent on men (44%) rather than women (56%). The difference between the ages of 21 and 45 (+ 46%) is clear. This is the period of life in which a woman is likely to have children. However, the most notable difference is 75-96 + (+ 70%), which may be related to the 4-year gap. Average life Between Swiss men and women. People over the age of 75 make up 29% of Switzerland’s health care costs, and women make up 63% of this.

Internationally, with the exception of the United States, Switzerland is tentatively a significant leader in per capita health care costs. OECD data This does not yet include some OECD countries. Norway (US $ 7,925) was the next biggest spender in 20201), 27% less than Switzerland. Germany (US $ 6,024), Austria (US $ 5,821), United Kingdom (US $ 5,495), France (US $ 5,028) and Italy (US $ 3,229) are all far behind Switzerland (US $ 10,800). The OECD has not yet released US 2020 data. The United States has the potential to remain the number one spender.

However, as a percentage of GDP, Switzerland (11.8%) is lower than the United Kingdom (12.8%), Germany (12.5%), France (12.4%) and perhaps the United States. In 2019, the United States spent 16.8% of GDP on healthcare. To 11.3% of Switzerland.

1 Uses the exchange rate at the end of 2020.

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