Avoiding stunting by ensuring infant nutrition

Children and stunted people have poor brain development

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Ministry of Health has urged the public to pay attention to the nutrition of pregnant women and young children to avoid stunting, which can exacerbate the economic situation of families affected by the disease.

“Children and people with stunting have poor brain development. They are not as productive as normal people and have low incomes. means,” pointed out in a webinar that followed here on Tuesday.

Diah said pregnant women who do not have well-balanced nutrition are more likely to give birth to stunted children and are more susceptible to various diseases. These situations affect children’s daily lives, including when they grow up and start working. In their stunted state they would receive low salaries.

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“If you want to get out of poverty, take care of your children’s and pregnant women’s nutrition, keep them healthy and their brains developing well. We can keep sending ‘more level now,’ she said.

According to the 2021 Indonesian Nutrition Situation Survey (SSGI) results, the national prevalence of stunting has reached 24%. West Java, East Java, Central Java, and North Sumatra were the provinces with the highest number of stunting cases. Stunting trends he said have declined since 2013, but efforts need to be accelerated to reach his 14% stunting rate target in 2024, Diah said. Stated.

To reduce stunting rates and maternal and child mortality, the Ministry of Health is advocating transformation of primary services, transformation of referral services, transformation of health resilience systems, transformation of health financing systems, transformation of health workforce, and transformation of health technology.

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“We are prioritizing this program starting with young women’s anemia and pregnancy screening,” she said.

Pregnancy tests, such as giving iron tablets and offering extra food, are also done during pregnancy. In addition, the ministry monitors infant growth and development, practices exclusive breastfeeding, handles infant nutrition issues, and provides education for families with young women, pregnant women, and infants.

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