Awareness campaigns about the Deaf community aim to break the barrier of prejudice

It’s time to realize that the auditory community in Cyprus often feels isolated and monitored.

This is a message sent during a recent week’s campaign aimed at raising awareness of an estimated 700-1500 hearing-impaired people in Cyprus.

The Awareness Campaign is organized by the Hearing Impaired Children Welfare Fund and George Marcow School for the Hearing Impaired and is attended by 29 people up to the age of 21 today.

“The Deaf community faces multiple problems, the most serious of which is the inability to get a job despite being a graduate of secondary and secondary education,” said Kikahajikakou, director of the George Marco School. Told to

“Next, accessibility issues arise. Sign language interpreters and TV shows with subtitles at the bottom aren’t enough. And, of course, limited awareness of what a hearing-impaired person is, general prejudice.” She added.


Achilleas Demetriades, president of the Hearing Impaired Children’s Welfare Fund, a human rights activist and candidate for the 2023 presidential election, called for full respect for the human rights of the hearing impaired.

He also called on the state to better support the Deaf community and hoped that the awareness campaign would break the barrier of prejudice.

A few months ago, parents of organized hearing-impaired children accused the government of ignoring their long-standing plea for a proper school for the hearing-impaired in Cyprus.


“Hearing-impaired children, teens and adults are stupid and unable to be part of society. They need opportunities and appropriate means to overcome difficulties,” said one. I did.

The week-long campaign provided information on the play situation of the hearing impaired through educational spots and documentary screening.

Printed and electronic publications were also distributed along with the commemorative album.

Hearing impaired 1
A photo exhibition was held along with the literary monument of George Marcow, the “father of the hearing impaired”.

The awareness campaign ended on Open Day, and I was able to meet hearing-impaired people who dance, interact with school visitors, and play soccer games. Awareness campaigns about the Deaf community aim to break the barrier of prejudice

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