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Azerbaijan begins the return of people to the reclaimed area

Azerbaijan yesterday began the process of returning people to land reclaimed from Armenian separatists, which Bak calls the “great return” after the 2020 war over Nagorno-Karabakh in conflict.
Oil-rich nations have vowed to repopulate the land reclaimed in a six-week war with Armenia, a neighbor of the Caucasus, who killed more than 6,500 people two years ago.
President Ilham Aliyev has promised years to reclaim the land lost in the 1990s, and his first return was a symbolic moment for Azerbaijan.
According to officials, when Armenian separatists left Baku in 1993 and a conflict that claimed the lives of about 30,000 people broke out, nearly 60 returned to the village where they had to flee.
Hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani people left the area during the battle.
“58 people have returned to the Zangilan district,” which was retaken by Baku in October 2020, a special presidential representative of the Vahid Haziev region told reporters.
In 1993, more than 30,000 Azerbaijani fled from Zangilan near the Iranian border.
“At this stage, a total of 41 families will return to Zangilan’s newly reconstructed Agarie village in the next five days,” Hajiev said.
He said the government had promised to provide work to returnees. He added that there are already dozens of solar-powered homes, brand new schools and kindergartens built in Agary.
“In the next few months, the village will be fully repopulated.”
When the returnees got off the bus in the windswept central square of Agary, their emotions rose and the new fountain shone in the hot sun.
“I’m very happy to be back,” one of the returnees, 64-year-old Minamirzoyeva, told AFP. “This is our hometown, our hometown.”
Rahilya Ismayilova, 72, said in 1993 he was forced to flee from Armenian separatist forces and pour the river into Iran with his young children.
“May all refugees go home as they do today,” she said.
“I fled the village with my four children and today I’m back with my big family with my nine grandchildren.”
Baku has vowed to spend billions of oil money on the reconstruction of Nagorno-Karabakh and its nearby recapture area.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/721331/Azerbaijan-starts-return-of-people-to-recaptured-a Azerbaijan begins the return of people to the reclaimed area

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