“Azovstal’s eyes and voice”.Soldier who recorded the siege of Azovstal from the inside

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May 20, Dmytro Kozatsky, a member of the Azov Battalion and a defender of Mariupol Post The above two farewell photos Social media When he left the Azovstal Ironworks, which had been besieged for more than two months.

“Well, that’s it. Thank you for my death and the shelter of Azovstal, the place of my life. Anyway, I leave you these high quality pictures while I’m captured. Submit them to all journalism awards and photo contests. If I win anything, it will be a great surprise after my release. Thank you for your support. Until we meet again, “he said. wrote. He left a link to the Google Drive folder.

Kozatsuki’s farewell photo shows a man in military uniform in the ruins of a factory.

according to To local The media, Kozatsky, was 26 years old and was born in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. Until 2014 he was a political scientist student At the Ostrov Academy in the Ribno region. After that, he joined the National Guard of Ukraine.Fromadosuke report Kozatsky began his service in Mariupol in 2015 and joined the Azov Battalion in 2017. According to 1 + 1 and Vogue Ukraine, he is currently leading the regimental press.

Kozatsuki’s photo details

In Ukraine, Kozatsky is now known as “Azovstal’s eyes and voice”. On May 10, when Russia tried to occupy the facility, the Azov Battalion was in Kozatsky. Photo album It depicts the defenders of Azovstal and the injuries they suffered.

Another shot of Kozatsuki on May 16th. This shows a Ukrainian soldier illuminated by a ray of light shining through a damaged roof of a factory, spreading rapidly around social media and was called “Light Wilwin”.

Kozatsky is also well known for his performance by Stephania, a song by the Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra, who won the Eurovision 2022. The day after Ukraine won the singing competition, Kozatsky posted a video showing him singing a song in Azobustal with the sound of a bombardment. In the background.

Ukrainian soldiers began defending Azovstal from Russian troops in mid-March. On May 16th, they started leaving the besieged factory. On May 20, Russian officials reported that more than 1,900 Ukrainian soldiers had surrendered from Azovstal and were taken prisoner.

Azovstal’s defenders themselves said they had left the facility at the behest of their leaders. The Ukrainian government is sticking to surrender, using the term “rescue mission” instead of “prisoner” in its official statement. Ukrainian officials have previously stated that they want to carry out a prisoner exchange to free the defenders of Azovstal.

Defender of Azovstal “Azovstal’s eyes and voice”.Soldier who recorded the siege of Azovstal from the inside

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