Azzopardi resigns from PN and Gretsch claims to make a donation after discussing amnesty

Jason Azopardi has resigned as a member of the Nationalist Party. That is, the allegations he made against PN leader Bernard Grec will not be investigated by party organizations.

Azzopardi submitted his resignation to PN Secretary-General Michael Pichinino on Monday night.

On Sunday, Azzopardi claimed that the party received a donation in exchange for working for a presidential amnesty for someone. The allegations came after Gretsch referred to Azzopardi, who did not win the last election, as having reached the “expiration date.”

The PN leader denied the claim, and the party gave Azzopardi 24 hours to substantiate his claim.

In a social media post, the former MP claimed that Grech met many businessmen at dinner in December 2021. There were six, including two relatives of those who were undergoing criminal proceedings related to the assassination.

There was also an owner of a consumer electronics company.

“This fact was confirmed by Grech himself during a meeting of the PN Executive Council yesterday,” Azzopardi said.

During this event, the PN leader was given a donation to the PN fundraising marathon, he continued.

“Before the event, two businessmen who weren’t part of the Tumas Group set aside Grech and mentioned the subject of amnesty to the accused. The PN leader promised, “said Azzopardi.

He also claimed that the owner of the electronics company told Gretsch that he would never vote for PN while Jason Azopardi was there. In response from Gretsch, a former MP insisted, “Talk to me after the election.”

Azzopardi said he received information from three different sources: “with direct access to the two relatives of the attendees and the accused.”

He said he promised to keep their names secret.

He publicly stated that Gretsch should give amnesty to the accused on various occasions in 2021, but said he (Azzopardi) did not agree.

“For me, this is unacceptable behavior. Politicians need to be careful not to do anything that could give the impression that they may be willing to reach a compromise with the mafia type. . “

He said that the criminals in the audience should be given only the courts, not the politicians.

“Only the PN leader knows if his argument in favor of giving amnesty was related to the donations given, or if these were two separate things.”

Azzopardi said Gretsch spoke publicly after his climax of “months of efforts to eliminate” when Gretsch said his previous MP had “expired.”

“The statement made it clear that PN does not want to leave space for those who do not compromise between politics and the use of money to purchase illegal privileges.”

“It’s a broken heart to admit what the PN leader meant when he said that I and those who think like me had expired and were excluded from the PN.”

Azzopardi said Gretsch turned him into a “political orphan.” This is the same as many other people who have not yet recognized PN as the party they once loved.

He told the jury that he was resigning from the party to save many well-meaning party members in the process of trying him out because of his beliefs.

Azzopardi said his integrity has always remained intact, despite the mistakes he may have made over the years. “I have never been put up for sale.” Azzopardi resigns from PN and Gretsch claims to make a donation after discussing amnesty

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