Baby death in hospital without full complement of obstetrician

The President of Portugal’s Ordemdos Médicos (General Medical Council), Tragic death of baby after emergency caesarean section In a hospital without the complete complement of an obstetrician.

Incident, Widely reported by the media todayIs rapidly becoming political.

Ordem President Miguel Guimarães accused “the health system and those who have political responsibility for it.”

“These are situations that can be repeated in other hospitals,” he told Rádio Renascença.

What seems to have happened is that an emergency case arrived at Cardas Laigna Hospital last Wednesday night / evening at the moment when there was no emergency obstetrics team “prepared for this kind of situation”.

Therefore, “the person on duty” (Miguel Guimaraes’ words) did his best.

“This kind of situation must be properly assessed in many ways,” he told reporters. But in his opinion, the responsibility lies with the organization, not the clinician at the time.

“Baby death is always a brutal problem. It is not expected to occur frequently. The basic problem that needs to be clarified is There was no standard team ready to save livesHe said – obviously when they should have been.

This terrible situation occurs on the weekend when SIM, a doctor’s independent syndicate, warns: In the next few days, you’ll see that two-thirds of Lisbon’s maternity units are completely closed or running minimal service...

It was a conclusion that Saturday-Monday was not a good day for childbirth, but today’s revelation suggests that giving birth anytime, anywhere can be a “problem.”

Today’s report does not hint at last month’s news Portugal’s maternal mortality rate reached its highest level in 38 years.. “Obstetric care must be reconsidered,” said the director of gynecology and obstetrics at Diogo Ayres-de-Campos, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon.

The hospital’s management committee “guarantees no causal link” between the death of the baby and the shortage of obstetricians.

This is where the real controversy begins. At the moment the story “hit the headline”, the Executive Council of Cardas Daraina Hospital sent a note to Rádio Renascença.Guarantee that no causal relationship has been established between baby death and staffing restrictions“. The Mere expression’There is no direct reminiscent of death after Covid vaccination that too ‘There was no causal relationship with the vaccine… there I’ve been to Portugal several times: Various ages; Various walks like – The only similarity is that the victim died after vaccination against Covid-19.

Miguel Guimalães certainly dubbed the hospital declaration.Attempt to calm down“Problem. He is challenging them.

Hospitals must explain their claims and take responsibility for them.. Responsibility is usually assigned to the healthcare system and the people who lead it. (This declaration) To me The impression that the administration is trying to make the situation non-drama, suggesting that everything went well.. I don’t have this information … “

It was RTP news that broke the news of pregnant women.Most of her babies due to a shortage of obstetricians“. There seems to be no dispute that the obstetrics unit was closed “due to lack of staff” on Wednesday night. It seems that “a woman was the first step on her path to losing her baby because her situation would delay her. Care”, RR.

update: When this text was published online, IGAS, a general health inspector, confirmed that it had begun investigating the case (between the death of the baby and the fact that obstetrics was closed). Despite the hospital’s guarantee that it is not relevant)). Baby death in hospital without full complement of obstetrician

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