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Grammy-winning Baha Men has collaborated with Latin hit maker Mafio on their latest single, Fire, which has made great strides since its release in May, as the Multi-Platinum Group prepares for: It is a wave that I am trying to utilize. A month-long tour of the pandemic world.

With the release of “Fire,” Baha Men won while maintaining a close and family atmosphere to the music, while continuing to prove their ability to create longevity and high-energy pop hooks.

The group’s highest octane single to date, “Fire,” is a fusion of Junkanoo and Latin rhythms. This song provides a sexy yet relentlessly throbbing rhythm.

Baha Men leader Isaiah Taylor, who also plays bass in this group, is a highly acclaimed Bahamas group jump as the single returns on a 10-city tour of the United States between July 14th and August 14th. I hope to be the start.

“I really hope that’Fire’will make us jump start there because you never know,” Taylor said. “You sing a song, but you still don’t know what attracts people to at the end of the day. I hope people like it at the end of the day.”

The group leader said the next tour was about them “testing the water”.

“I’m excited, but still cautious at the same time.”

While the group is preparing to leave, Taylor encourages the Bahamans to pray for them for the success of the tour.

“We will need a lot of prayer,” Taylor said. He said that industry-wide tickets aren’t sold the way they used to.

“In some places, you may not even be able to sell tickets, like a big white act. People this time are trying to count all the cents and dollars and make money, not just having a party. . “

The Baja Men’s Tour Schedule will feature a performance at EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Orlando from July 14th to 15th, ending August 14th at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. There are also Connecticut-agents and promoters along the way in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York.

“Fire” is included in the set list, but it is also expected to roll out the Grammy Award-winning “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Taylor said the fire was still there after 22 years.

Dyson Knight, one of Baha Men’s two front-line singers with Rik Carey, said the group had hope as they were preparing to go to the road.

“Most of what we generally do on tour is to retest the market with the world’s efforts to get it back to normal,” Knight said.

“It’s exciting, but I’m a little scared because I don’t know what the market is doing right now. I hope people are okay with it coming out.”

It also means that it was the first official tour experience of the night with Baha Men who participated in 2004 and was unable to participate in the “Who Let the Dogs Out” tour in its heyday.

Knight described the single as their “comfort zone” when they grabbed the market with “Fire” and went on tour. Because he said it was working very well.

“producer [Maffio] What we worked with has a really nice atmosphere and great followers, people are excited to see us working together, and many of our fans Stop by our socializing and comment on the song. We are currently streaming to over 1 million people. “

Knight said the single has long been awaited for the collaboration of producers and groups who appreciate the profound percussive nature of Junkanoo’s sound. , Very present.

“This is one of the most prominent Junkanoos in the final mix for a long time. It’s always there, but it’s not always the final mix, so Fire is a world experience. It’s a nice song, but I’m proud that the Bahamans can identify Junkanoo. “

Knight describes this single as a stolen summer dance song.

Baha Men has also released the official music video for the single on YouTube via Sony Music Latin.

Baha Men, celebrating its 30th anniversary as a group, was a huge success in the early 2000s, following the release of the hit single “Who Let the Dogs Out”, which appeared in the movie and was chanted at sports stadiums around the world. I put it in. Baha Men unleashed a revolutionary form of Caribbean pop that pervaded American pop culture.

The hit awarded the group several awards. This includes the 2000 Grammy Awards Best Dance Recordings and the Billboard Music Awards World Music Artist and Album of the Year. The group also won the Nickelodeon Kids’Choice Award for their favorite song in the same year and the Kids’ Choice Award for another favorite band in 2002.

Other Baha Men blockbusters include “Move It Like This,” “Best Years of Our Lives,” and “Night and Day,” which was selected to be featured with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Santana, and more in 2014 FIFA. I have. The official album of the World Cup.

The new single “Fire” is the group’s first collaboration with Mafio. This song is also featured in Mafio’s new song, Eso Es Mental.

Filmed in Miami, Florida and Bahamas, the music video features Mafio and is directed by Baha Men Charlie’s “Charlie Bahamas” Smith’s longtime collaborators.

As they were preparing for their next tour, Knight said the cities they booked had always helped Baha Men. He makes sure that their challenge is to ensure that they are on the way, so that they can book tickets early, and to ensure that the Bahamans living in the city attend the performance. I said that.

Knight said Taylor is focusing on rehearsals to prepare for the show. Baha Men usually rehearses daily for several weeks.

“It’s always great to have support from all over the world, but it’s even more meaningful to have domestic support, so we ask Baha Men at home and abroad to follow Baha Men’s Social Baha and they. Asks you to choose a platform. Most often, check accordingly. “

In addition to bass Taylor, Knight and Carrie, Baha Men consists of Kenwood Mackenzie on drums, Herschel Small on guitar, Patrick Carrie on lead guitar, Anthony “Monks” Flowers on percussion, and Jeffrey Chia on keyboard.

Baha Men’s success has also driven them into the film industry. There, I saw some of the songs featured in movies such as Miss Congeniality, Around the World in 80 Days, Garfield: Movies, Men in Black II, and Hangovers. The single “Best Years of Our Lives” was featured in the international hit movie Shrek.

Baha Men on tour

July 14 – EPCOT, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

July 15 – EPCOT, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

August 3-Brooklyn Bowl, Philadelphia, PA

August 4 – Jergels Rhythm Grill, Warrendale, PA

August 5 – Washington, DC, Bullpen

August 7 – Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA

August 8 – Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis, Maryland

August 10 – City Winery, New York, NY

August 12 – Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh, NY

August 13 – Wall Street Theater, Norwalk, Connecticut

August 14 – Barneys Beach Bar, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire Baha Men Lights Fire – Nassau Guardian

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